Bonds Of Friendship

I adore poems that sound like they rhyme and also heart-felt.. if you cannot use your heart or at least try to understand it then how on  Earth can anyone get close to you.

Inner strength I think you are born with it.. some more because of how well they let go as children and early teenagers of a careless attitude and a beautiful free spirit is the most innocent and gorgeous feeling in the world…

When you’re a feeling person this never disappears within you , you may get tired, you may find it frustrating and at times you can feel like giving up, however, feeling people they try to try and try.. why?

Because they want you to feel exactly like them they want you to trust them and open yourself to loving it isn’t hard.. but, for some dear souls it feels so difficult like the Mountain is never going to be climbed.

I am always going on about the Bloody mountains dear god…

Trauma and how you live a better life.. you can.. its hard, it is the darkest areas of your inner soul but, my beautiful non believers You can feel it, see it, and love again..

All you need to do is trust yourself firstly and open your eyes… to your partners who love you, adore you and even yes, even get pissed off at you…pexels-photo-888992

Sometimes those who think they don’t need help…. are the very ones that require help this is why they point back at you… blame you, make you the victim.. trigger you to get that hit of validation…. but, be very careful trigging to get love isn’t the love you require..

That kind of love by using triggers can and will kill your loved ones so be very careful that your intelligence out wits your knowledge of what you don’t know..

Reflection when you say about someones remark and it sounds very self illuminating then you maybe saying this more about YOU…..The elderly use this alot…. they feel that they have earned this entitlement and might I add I will never agrue with someone with a stick and a 100 year resume on love lost.. jesus.. could you imagine…?

Remember Love is a two-way street, you must feel it, it is about many levels that make this 4 letter word so worthy of receiving it.. if you use it like , Hi how are you today with a bit of I don’t give a fuck language, well guess what?

You will never understand it and potentially those that adore you, respect you and love you could find it difficult to penetrate the massive thick metal of …… Bleed for me then maybe I will open it a wee bit….

That my darling is playing it safely and with a safely net that you do not need…

I don’t have any safety nets… I have hope……Love and patience and let me tell you these feelings have many levels of understanding .. to love mean you MUST allow those close to you to embrace you and that means being vunrable and open..

How exciting…. that is the most beautiful part of living …. learn, love, embrace, change and share it by being authentic and present within yourself..

Sex is just sex ….. however, if you embrace love, trust and understanding then that is another level of experience that could be beautifully shared.. the more you open up yourself the more you level up on a different playing level..

Emotional Intelligences is something that excites me and empowers me…. firstly understand what love and openess is be vunrable by allowing yourself the possibility of starting you life by letting go of the hurt and pain of the past….

that is what you need to do first….

Here is a poem about friendships.. its really lovely this poem relates to when your young and carefree.. or perhaps that moment you felt what love could mean?

From the day that I first knew you,
Your heart was pure and kind;
Your smile was sweet and innocent,
Your wit was well refined.

The sparkle in your eyes was keen,
Your friendship fast and real;
Soft words were your virtue,
And humor your appeal.

We grew as friends together,
We laughed and shared our dreams;
Along the way crush or two,
Went unrevealed, it seems.

As years rolled on, our paths were split,
Our roads went separate ways;
We each pursued our interests,
That occupied our days.

We soon forgot our youthful bliss,
Of tender carefree years;
We didn’t talk or keep in touch,
Throughout life’s pain and tears.

Then my darkest hour came,
And tried me to my core;
To save my heart from ruin,
I closed and locked the door.

Then out of every nowhere,
With precise directed cue;
An old familiar smile,
Came slowly into view.

Although much time was gone,
And the die of fate long cast;
It was as if we hadn’t missed,
A second of the past.

You listened with attentive care,
And reassured my mind;
That loving hearts are still alive,
With purpose and design.

Deep inside I’ve locked way,
Emotions yet untold;
As time goes on, and bonds grow strong,
They will all unfold.

So thank you, friend, for taking time,
To demonstrate your love;
It’s yet another blessing that,
I’m undeserving of.


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  1. Sex without love is meaningless, maybe 💖💖💖

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  2. Or maybe sex with friendship is good enough. ❤

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  3. Well, that is the many things that make us unique and if we allow ourselves a moment of that blessed gift to look further than the experience and maybe push to exploring your emotions which could be boundless

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  4. Sex with friends would be uniquely created by a pull of the universe drawing each person to the same ellement


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