Why do we hesitate… well, many reasons

Hmm, over talking hmm, mm, okay I am very much a hazard alert signal when it comes to over talking in certain situations, let me explain.

I seem to talk about idle chatter and I do it when I am anxious, nervous, want to understand something, then I tend to talk when I want to do something but, I cannot help but, talk my way out of a fierce fire or a possible growth experience (this bit pisses me off when I rob myself of this gift) which is about to burn my body or those that I care about so I talk and talk and talk…

Habits can and will either hinder you, stop experiences that can change you for the “good” however, your wiring is so structured and so well wired to a belief that this is not possible so I will talk it out until I get it…

Very annoying and it is getting a little better, I am seeing clearer to the reasons why.. I just did a piece on Friendships and love and I must say I really got it…

We all want to be loved and sometimes when your past has denied you of so many beautiful emotions you fear them because you fear that you can be loved..

Sounds a bit double jointed… yes I guess its all about understanding what love and trust is all about.. for some people this is a given and their level is a level that has been nurtured but, look closer are they happy?

Or do you feel sometimes those that receive love often you see them pass it off like it is a birth right…? The funny thing here it is a birth right to be loved… that is the fact…

It all depends I guess how you look at what Love means?

To me it isn’t a one way street, it has many levels of understanding, It is based on the respect you receive and give because whats love without the understanding of sharing it back to those that give it…

Nothing is ever FREE in this life, and neither should it be… to understand on an emotional level you must be able or allow yourself to feel your insecurities, how that you cannot lie about yourself and to share your truth with an open heart without expecting it back as a gift trade.images (8)

We live in such a materialistic society of the New TV’s, videos, cars, clothes, houses, ect.. that has never changed… so don’t compete with one another .. embrace their experiences, their fortune, and their good graces.. because they are not you… it is selfish and competitive to go green over “things” that behavior will scar you and could potentially alienate you as well why be closed up, over bearing it is isolating and it is selfish beyond belief..

Another thing I wanted to tell you we have two people or more this all depends on your volume of friends, family, partners, work mates, the one thing work environments encourage is to work as a team.. share your knowledge, ideas, experience, and be open to those who have ideas as well, it is selfish to think and expect others to listen to you without you allowing yourself to listen and understand them..

Sharing is caring..

It is .. I find it more rewarding to give a gift then to receive it… I love the surprise, the smiles, the hugs all because giving is seeing someone happy, uplifted, appreciated for their generous nature, to give is to see people have a better life experience and to learn to give to others .. its a really WOW moment especially how they light up, examine, appreciate, talk about it and react to you because you gave them love in a gift freely without expecting it back in return.

Mindgames and Power Plays…

Those above wording is all about fear of letting down your walls and exposing yourself to being open.. We play them to protect ourselves, we play them to protect others, because we hear triggers that we have heard before and our subconscious mind tends to react very harshly with an acid tongue.. (me I do this and I hate it)

Sometimes this way of thinking is based on how severe your walls are and it also could be a fear of others hurting you .. so you play them to them… without you even being aware.. your blinded by protection and your wording is perfectly stated because your excellence is all about communication.. some people are amazing at this and some take more time to learn this silly game…

I call it silly only in areas of allowing yourself the freedom of knowing this could prevent yourself from having the best life you can have..

Think about it for a moment…. you hear something… it maybe nothing, however, it is something because you have thought about it again, which is making that part of the brain clearer to remember… so by the time you have spent I dunno 1/2 a day debating you are tired, worn out, sometimes a little brain-dead because this type of toxic thought is raping you from having a beautiful life.. and you deserve it don’t you?


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