Draw a line in the Sand, and shut the bloody hell Up!!

I have said the title a few times in the last couple of weeks mostly this weekend where our behaviour seems to have a pattern that erupts by our own insecurities or doubts or even fears of past, present and possibly if you allow this to continue it can affect your future going forward.

I think the title is about me saying this is my limit of everything that means something to me and I believe we are only capable to cope with what we only know.  It is so hard to determine who is at fault however, you must be strong and say I am responsible for my own behaviour and I must address these emotions that can and will send me backwards.

There is nothing funny or even amusing in making another person feel low about themselves and then deny saying anything it is a “trigger” if you allow it to be that could self destruct by switching a light on in a dark room.

This can only trigger you by you allowing it to be present in yourself.. so we have all got choices – my suggestion is the choice not to take this response on and let it go… it can either work for you or it can linger like a smelly dirty pair of socks that your dog threw up..

Trust me you don’t want to go near anything that your dog throws up it could kill you.. that was a terrible joke…


Well, today my beautiful husband and I had this very day.. he said she said.. your fault, my fault… silent treatment, the are you okay, the false yes I am fine, then the silent treatments and the tennis game begins with each other..

It can get a bit dizzy after a while on who hit the ball within the lines of life… and when we both debate it is like watching a horror movie that was made in the 80’s.   Let me give you the hot tip if you watched those movies back then they where terrifying now watching them they look like a german porn movie, entertaining, different but, really badly produced (that was another joke)

So, how do you stop them … you do your best, and even if we both blame each other for whatever, just let it go and give yourself a break because bantering on this level isn’t productive and our weekends are very short.

I wont get involved in explaining the why’s, when’s and how this started because it was hard enough to stop it .. and for me to relive another bloody area of my day, week, month or year of poor us I think I will vomit!

So, today’s motto, shut the fuck up, and let your shit go….

Enjoy your Long weekend Perth, Love Franny xxx

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  1. Love to you Sweetheart.
    Hang in there, but let your shit go. ❤❤❤

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  2. We can do what we can do, much thanks….

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