Sexual Understanding, with a side salad of what you could do?

The title sounds a bit quirky well it is for a reason, we all think love, sex, companionship, social expectations, dating, meeting new people ect… download (6)

All have one thing in common it is like-minded people who just plainly get along with each other.. that is what life is all about don’t you think?

Friendships are based on a common like with each other no different to men and women meeting those loved ones we wish to connect with either socially or sexually.

However, the difference between doing it and saying it is vast and hugely risky right!

Or is it really?26729a06aa51d9845e765f39a45f95ac

Perhaps we put too much into the “Big Picture” and not enough into the “smaller ones”, like what is it that we all want?

I think its simple .. It is about standing strong to your beliefs and saying “I like you for this reason”, or I am sorry but, I find you on that friend zone or perhaps it’s much more than that!

It’s an easy situation for some and not so for others.. we put too much into finding out why and not enough time in simply allowing ourselves to grow and become…

The salad is those little extras that make a different in each one of us.. it could be our sexual kinks or our preferences to how we see things in life… if we stop and chilax a bit and stop ourselves from finding out how hard life is … we may find out that life isn’t as hard or difficult as you really think!

We all have to relax, smell those roses, trust ourselves and see how life is by allowing ourselves to take a chance, risk and even live a bit by doing something you wouldn’t normally do…

If you like what I said or at least understand a little tell me what you think you would do if you just allowed yourself to be you?What-If-2-630x315.jpg

Do yourself a favour and watch the latest movie with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford.. it’s really good to see something that is a little different “Our Souls at Night”

I adore movies that stretch your normal day to day expectations of what we should do… to do exactly what we should be not doing.. why?

Because it is what we all should be doing….. something amazingly, fun and real…

Be kind to yourself and never discount yourself for anyone…. because you never know… that person your sitting next too is no different to you 🙂

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