How important am I too you?

happy-friendship-day-fb-cover.pngFriendships, are

they important?


Why are friendships important?


If we are friends and I got you upset, angry, then why not tell me what I did so I can say I am sorry for making you angry!

Old friends that drift apart or away for reasons that make me think why?

I was chatting to a friend the other day and we often talk about many things in life .. things that make us happy, sad, our likes, dislikes, our pains our fun times or even we tend to talk about each others ups and downs in our present life.

That is what friends are for the only expectations we have of them is that they understand us and that we can say pretty much anything within a respectful and understanding manner.

I had no idea you felt that way…

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Sometimes we forget how to speak to our dear friends and we become self evolved within ourselves a bit and at times we over step our marks or our boundaries because our own lives are a little mixed up with perhaps stresses, misunderstanding, confusion, frustration, many factors that we tend to forget what is expected in a good friend, mate or an old ear that you tend to like to chat off.

I myself have said, many over bearing things to mates that I shouldnt perhaps don’t think for one moment that I don’t say, “Oh, shit, WTF, did I just say?”

I am sorry if I hurt you…

We get upset when people don’t hear our words, listen to our advise and expect our mates, friends, family to listen when given good advise I suppose that comes from not listening which gets us so upset and angry, scared and then we tend to close off because it all gets too hard .

It isn’t because we don’t love them it is because we love them that we shift away from them I guess, it’s like saying, “I love you, but, I can’t be near you”.pexels-photo-888992

I myself with my girlfriend  have done this many times for our own personal reasons but, with time and love we always reunite because a true friendship isn’t built nothing it is built on many levels of understanding and years of good times that we invested within each other.

We are only human and we must not expect too much from one another…..

I wrote this because many of us have this experience in our lives so don’t be so harsh on one another because your friendships are valuable and they exist because it is built on many beautiful levels of love, trust, communication, your similar like and a strong bond that isn’t taken ever for granted.

Remember, live isn’t easy and we all do our best to be our best sometimes however, walls tend to be created over nothing but, misunderstanding, lack of communication and it is never, ever taken for granted.tumblr_m41ofnx1Hg1rsc47to1_250

Always remember this – communication shuts down only because what you havent said, how your really feel, the friendship is shut down because you’re not telling each other the truth about each others lives..

Being Silent isn’t being a friend!

We stop ourselves because it gets hard to communicate or our mouths are shut due to the truth.. if we told each other the truth then we would talk more often..

If you care about me then tell me…

I am your friend… you can tell me anything… that you hate me.. that you like me that you are sorry, that I hurt you… that you’re not listening…. then that is what being a friend is all about being able to speak… to each other…

Talk to me .. don’t ignore me….

Our lives are short on this planet .. always open your mouth say what you mean and let’s be friends because at the end of the day it isn’t about quantity it is about quality.


Remember we are not mind readers so if we piss you off tell us.. say it.. don’t just say nothing…DWTQzc_VMAA0B5P.jpg

















We are only what we are… this is because of what we only know….

It is better to say something to one another than to say nothing… be kind, be respectful, be open, be you, because that is all we as friends ever want from each other.

Love and Friendship is always very close…. why?

Well, you share so many beautiful experiences with each other.. we are not perfect that is what makes us so damn unique… every relationship starts off as a friendship so why wouldn’t you be you….

Nothing to lose right…..

Just be mindful of each other and remember to pause… let the other one speak… think about your words.. and always end a call with “I love you” …. xxx

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Remember to be kind…. you cannot make someone understand if you Do Not Paint that picture openly and honestly… so how can you get upset when you didn’t tell them how you really feel…. or what the truth is……we are all wrong when we shut down… not one side is innocent.. remember that…. xxx

We all try hard to be better if I am not getting better then tell me….

I can only do what I understand… not what you understand…..


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