We are stronger than you think

I may blog a lot about Trauma, tragic events, happy times, sad times, morbid and lonely times but, let me tell you amazing times…

Firstly, our generation is one hell of a strong generation those born with the sign of the friendship-dayMonkey or perhaps close to it 1968 was the era I am talking about.

We where amazing kids, we had a lot of knocks and didn’t mind taking them I guess it’s all about how much you wish to take in your life..

I can tell you we lived hard and loved who we loved and those were good mates, amazing women who stood strong with you and we never took much shit from anyone!

Call it what it was but, us kids in those days knew exactly how to take it and when to shut the hell up about  it…

Our parents where from a different era and it didn’t matter in those days because the unspoken word was just that.. we never talked about it and we never cared too.

So, the only reason I blog what I blog is to tell you a story of how our inner self feels it took me 50 years to open my soul to a blog I thought was about something else… but, perhaps it was just time for me to share my own thoughts, feelings, kicks and hicks..

But, at the end of the day… it is all in my past and I just wanted to share with you that we did have feelings, we did have knocks but, we got on with our jobs and never gave a shit about it…affirmation-for-y-letting-go-today-i-embrace-the-memory-18661654.png

These days it is all about how sad we feel and how horrible our world is… to us but, it really isn’t all about that at all..

It’s about strong characters and amazing friendships and us being who we are.. and how we survived so going forward I hope to tell you some of those stories about what made us such amazing strong people who shrug at normal crap and love those who get us.

Live your life as best as you can … try to see above all the sadness because it really isn’t who you really are..

Love Life like I do…. trust me I do love life.. I just wanted to get some of my shit out so you can hear me roar now…

Peace out, 80’s kidz xxx

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  1. Life is out there waiting, so show up. 💟💟💟

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