The Best way to understand our better halves…….check out the videos below


If I could wave a magic wand and say the Magic words, “That I know everything?”, as if!

We can only be as human as we possibly be…..if that makes any sense…

It takes a lot of work, love, discipline, communication, patience and you could repeat this over and over and still not get it right!!!

Timing I guess would be the best way to explain how to understand each other, not  to them, easy said, I guess, don’t yell, scream, argue, walk away or even look at
 each other when both are at that point of no return…

What we never do as partners is we never give ourselves credit enough, we seem to only see what is wrong, what is negative we never look long enough in the positives.

We play the Blame game, your fault, my fault, even the damn dog gets the blame if you’re not ready for it… (actually the dog is never to blame)

Seriously, though, we seem to focus on the negative and never the beautiful parts of each other, now I am not writing this because I am having a blue, I am looking at my you tube and those relationship videos came up.

If you have not noticed about you tube you will notice that you can do pretty much anything if you look it up in youtube… go figure…

Check them out yourself… I am not kidding….. here are a few

However, my favourite is this video… so cute and something I would like … sharing this chick… love you girl..xx


The rest below I really think they are not even close…However, watch them….

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