Do you think it is easier for women to open up sexually or men?

How hard is it to say what your thoughts, opinions, ideas, suggestions, sexual curiosity to your partner?

Do you think it is easier for men to say what they feel, what is it that ticks a mans box in the kinky kind of way?

Or do you think it is easier for women to say, well I like being a door knob with a bell and I love it when my husband rings it “loudly”. that was a joke.

I believe both men and women need to give each other a bit of a break… we tend to think OMG, my hubby is this, then hubby thinks OMG my wifey4lifie is this?

Whatever you both do.. you MUST be honest with yourself firstly what you like, dislike, about yourself then think further of what you like as an individual once you understand what that is then by all means discuss, banter, take over the sexual world with your partner or butt buddy, fuck buddy, swinging friend or occasional naughty girl and bad boy doing bad this under the table while eating…. sex biscuits… another shit joke..

Communication, understanding, open plan living to fit all of you in and an open big heart of love, devotion, honesty and most of all no judgement MUST be used in every case of discussing your desires with one another…. ALWAYS remember that respect, language and a beautiful open mind will be the best tools in anything that could possibly make you feel vulnerable, scared, fear, these emotions are very close to our hearts and we all hate being hurt.

It takes time to understand one another however, deep down you just know what ticks each others box and then you drop all the judgements, fears and silly crap because you know each others naughty habits..

We are all human and don’t ever think that in the corner of your eye you have not already been sprung…

We are all curious by nature…. as humans so don’t be embarrist about it… do it and be honest and open and if it doesn’t work.. then at least be mature enough to say it… feel it.. experience it and most of all damn well enjoy it..

Life my Sexual naughtiest is all for exploring openly and fairly…. and if you are not into it.. hold the damn camera….ehehheheh

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  1. It’s much easier for a woman to get as much sex as she wants than it is for a man. All a woman has to do is be available and just about any male will fuck her, any time she likes. ❤ 😉 ❤

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    • Hmm, perhaps when she is imature, full of hormones and has no idea of how to say no… You would expect that as she got older she would grow understand what she desires.. and even though men would fuck any women with a paulse you would hope that she was looking for something a little more mature, and connected… plus she would probably think that the men that she shared her sexual experience with .. would be men not boys who have dicks with no brains.. or is that heads with no brains… you tell me JC7 are you a man or a boy?

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  2. If you visit some dating sites u will notice that married couples are the ticket for single men… I’m not shocked more head scratching …thinking is there a lack of single women or perhaps its safer in numbers lol joking hehe


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