Sexual Kinks after 50

What a mission to say the least… we are living in a society that seems to be very open to alot however, it seems to be either hidden away.. a secret so kept between the brothers that even the women wonder what the fuck occurred when they closed their eyes to blink.

Men are looking for lingerie that will make their skin feel soft and sexy, men love purchasing sexy body stockings while the wife isnt around and he tends to wear these garments under his corporate pants and shirt at work of his PPE’s as he is flying in and obviously flying out.


The ladies who are married to these sexual liberated men have no idea that they do this and the men or husbands are not going to tell them because they fear the harsh judgement and hindering comments that they will lash out at these brave men that wear these lovely black woven sexually caressing their manish skin while jack hammering up northing.. must do something when this accurs do you think?

hehe (giggles, each to their own)

I have to say it does look like men, women, married and even single seem to be a little lost in the art of understanding each others needs… you must if going forward either look for a partner or mates or even social environments for these people who have the same like or perhaps language…as they do..

We all see very secretive about sharing our talents, kinks, sluttery nature or perhaps their desire to have lace up softy rubbing against a hairy swetty ass at work.. ( a little joke)

Anywho, why do you think this is occurring?

What is it that men and women seem so fearful in sharing their lingerie cravings?


Or are they just into a bit of HOTSTUFF???

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  1. From time to time I wear woman’s tights under my pants ~ because if it’s bloody cold outside they’re the best way of keeping warm.
    Wearing lingerie ~ not this hard, gritty Englishman.

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