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Emotional Journey … if I can do it.. so can you?

I wonder often if we ever really live our lives fully?

I often think if we did what we should do or feel would it be easier?

I think the main problem with us as people we tend to over think or perhaps overreact with our emotions and we end up doing the opposite end of what we should be doing with ourselves.

We should act on what we do and be more present with those that we care about however, sometimes feeling something and doing it is just what we should be doing.

I know I am sounding like this “Delhi lambi”, spelt wrong I know, that is exactly what we are acting like fools and doing things opposite end of what we desire to do..  🙂

For example:

Our emotions and our true selves are one are we that scared of rejection that we don’t do what we should do?  Or are we just inept of love, desire, lust, excitement, endorsement, a soul lost in a bowl of Heinz soup with many ABCD and even E’s from our alphabet soup that we loved to eat as kidz!

Strange isnt it!
Or really is it?

I cannot live like being unemotional and so strict in being numb with my emotions, I am an emotional female that loves, the idea of loving and I wont change for the world!

If I had to be real it would be who I am and much, much more and those that I would love to join would be those that want to be part of something more, and to me that would be awesome!

However, we cannot move mountains and mountains cannot be built-in a day or a week or even a few years… if it was up to me it would be but, I am not someone who can make people move quicker, faster, I can only be me and if that is all I am to anyone then I guess my life is going to be a bit solo and a little bit lonely.hqdefault

To love is to be present within your soul and to be open to possibilities of hopefulness and openness who know what tomorrow brings.

What is your thoughts?

Do you think we are that fragile that we cannot open up and say it, do it, feel it, or even live it?

I want to live who wants to join me?

I want to be love who wants to join me?

I want to experience live with people who care about each other does that sound so bad?

What is it that we seem to be missing on this journey?

When will you open up and show me your heart?


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