Camming … what do you think about it?

Here is your time to chat about what you think about Camming…….

Imagine, your sexually open, got your hot stuff on and have a huge hunger to embrace what your inner slut can do….

So, I would love to have a group of ladies that are over the age of 30 who can embrace, create, imagine themselves as stars!!!

Who can re-envent themselves each week or even create themselves by being mini stars of a sexual soap opera… imagine your an actor and your creating a play that seems to go on and on like “The restless years” or even “Days of our lives” soap operas on channel 7 and 9, seriously??

If they can ham it up on TV so can you but, in a different way would you do it????

Imagine your mum, someone who is older and perhaps has no filters .. okay let’s not imagine your mothers… however, if it is okay for our young to do it… why not someone that is older and got their shit together….?????

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