I am “HIRING”, looking for Men and Women who think they got what it takes!!!

Dominate Camming With Authenticity which one are you?


Subject to interest??

I am putting together a team of mature and fun real people who want to have fun anyone interested???

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Are you a Samantha?

Are you a Miranda?

A Carrie or a Charlotte?


These girls are what I would like to use as Authentic women who get it????

For the Men are you game to play with the girls above..???


So, I would like to see Men that have what it takes…. are you interested in playing against the girls above??

Are you like Mr BiG (above)???

Are you the husbands of those amazing women above?


Are you the young men that seem to love older women like Samantha??


Are you Aiden of Carries keen man???


Or are you more like Willie & Stanford ??



I am after interested females and males that want to have fun and do something a little bit out of the box???!!!

Camming – I am only after people who have a theme

Who can re-invent themselves within an instant!

I am not talking about being them I am talking about acting in the same type of them with a bit more sophistication, debauchery and sex in the city type of type cast!!!

I am after women and men over the age of 30 that can handle themselves by being authentic and with maturity, understanding of themselves and love to Cam it Up with having a bit of fun and earning some cash…

Would you be interested in working with me and us all earing some good money….??

Let me know….

I am thinking of creating something with a bit of class and doing it with fun and working together as a team…?

Let me know if your game to play with others however in the privacy of your own home… but with the theme of those above characters.. this isn’t for kids.. this is for mature aged, with maturity, sophistication, men and women that HAVE WHAT IT TAKES….

Franny xxx

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  1. Not maybe, yes, great idea 🙂

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  2. per person…. 🙂 not joking


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