Simular Language…My Thoughts out loud…

Sometimes we find that using a simular language within a group of individual can be some what confusing, amusing, tiring, or all of the above!



Cam girls that look like this gem 🙂

However, if we allow our minds to be open to possibilities like … can all people that we talk too, perhaps twitter too or text too and even respond too on a blog could they all be the same indivudual that you seem to think is or isnt?

Tough one to gamble with right?

I really just believe we are all simular and definitely not all the same…. just like minded and many of us… how awesome

Hmm, not sure really amusing maybe, confusing it could be, hard work well that is either up to those that play with a tongue in cheek or perhaps all have too much time on their hands to either take it as a pun or perhaps fun…

Whichever, me thinks that it is alot of fun and harmless.. or was that armless.. go figure… I really have no idea… oh well, whichever …

Some have alot of time on there hands… I am wondering if this is all set up and I am feeling like a needle in a hay stack… or are you and your minions????

Minions……..where is a picture of many??? give me a moment or two….

images (26)

I am the one in the middle…..go figure !

Just a few thoughts I happen to think.. or perhaps I should concerntrate on other things like painting the house… hmmmm, I will have to think further while I amuse myself watching TV dribble then I have a spray tan in about 2 hours…

This post is just my thoughts….. interesting I think I need a friend that has the same odd ball ideas that I have.. and both could come up with wicked new ideas to make woopie… money I mean, Money……or just for fun..

Okay, it is offical I must be going loopy….. and a bit bored!!

Okay going now……………. toodels… xxx


Manaic….I am the blonde chick

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  1. Spray tan # so cool. Sadly, Englishman don’t do that.
    Love your posts. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Well, I am trying to do something… I need interested people involved… if I did such thing.. cannot build Rome without others…helping me… I am a solo person trying to build an Empire


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