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Europe’s First Sex-Doll Brothel Opens in Barcelona

Some idle rubbish for you to read….You know you want to read this shite…so here goes…

BARCELONA, Spain – While the online adult industry illuminati are attending The European Summit in Sitges, Spain, this weekend, perhaps they’ll find a bit of time to investigate the country’s contribution to “sex tourism”: the Lumidolls brothel.

Like other courtesans, the Lumidolls are devoted to satisfying clients’ fantasies. Unlike others, they don’t put anyone in danger of arrest: The brothel is staffed entirely by silicone ladies of pleasure.

At present, four realistic working girls “entertain” in an apartment in the city, and there is someone for every taste. Katy is a 5’7” busty, blonde European. Leiza is a 5’6” sultry ebony goddess. Lily is a 5’3” Asian and has “all-natural” (for a silicone girl) breasts. Aki is a 5’5”, “voluptuous” Japanese anime character.

Katy Leiza Lily Aki

Made from thermoplastic elastomer, the 90-pound dolls have three functional orifices. They’re flexible and can adopt almost any sexual position imaginable. Gentleman callers (or female callers, for that matter) may specify the clothing the companions wear and the scenery, to a point.

The brothel’s owners claim sex with the dolls is as good as — possibly even better than — sex with live women. After all, Katy, Leiza, Lily and Aki are the perfect “date”: They’re submissive, they’re always horny and they don’t require an expensive dinner beforehand.

They do, however, require an investment. A one-hour visit with any of the ladies will set clients back €120 (about U.S. $126 or £103). A 90-minute appointment costs €150, and two hours alone with a silicone escort runs about €175. Those of exceptional appetite may wish to consider hiring a companion for the night for a premium fee. The girls also are available for threesomes — again, for an additional fee.

Management recommends guests wear condoms and use lube, but insists each doll is “thoroughly disinfected” between appointments.


Controversy Heats up After Sex Doll Brothel Shut Down

Posted On 02 Oct 2018

In the classic film Barbarella, citizens of a planet had become a sex-less society, using pills to replace sexual intercourse, as well as employing “excessive pleasure” machines to induce sexual gratification to the point of death. This film was considered science-fiction in 1968, but in 2018 it is increasingly becoming a reality, as technology in a new and somewhat radical adult entertainment industry is slowly duplicating its plot line.

The Toronto Sun reported on August 30th that a controversial brothel set to open earlier in September in North York, Toronto, Canada was shut down preemptively by city officials, stating that bylaws prohibit “adult entertainment” parlors from setting up shop. The controversy also surrounds this brothel’s employees, which are not human, but technologically advanced sex dolls.

Aura Dolls Brothel set off a firestorm of debate when they advertised an opening of September 8-15th and outlined their pricing for an hour of sexual interaction with one or two of their high-tech faux females. Pricing for one hour with a realistic doll was set at $120, with two dolls setting the customer back twice that amount.

The uproar spread further, especially among sex workers in legal brothels elsewhere. In an article by Mallory Hall, Allissa, a sex worker employed at legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch, called sex doll brothels “dehumanizing” and explained that “sex workers offer more than just a simulation of a woman, we offer authentic intimacy and two-way affection that our clients deeply crave and sincerely benefit from.” Interestingly, according to science, she may be right on target.

In a U.K. study done by St. George’s University Hospitals National Health Service and the Women’s Health Academic Centre at King’s College, the notion that high-tech human-like sex dolls could have benefits for those who are unable to enjoy a satisfying sex life due to a variety of reasons is based on hypothesis — not science. They go as far as to say the use of such glorified sex toys may actually have an adverse effect, causing an increase in an already lacking sense of intimacy because sex dolls cannot reciprocate feelings and desire.

Other countries are battling the legal quagmire as well. In an article published by The SUN, Lumidoll, a doll brothel in Italy, claims it will reopen after being shutdown by police responding to alleged infringements of Italian property law. This closure occurred even though prostitution is legal in Italy. This situation may attest to the ethical landmine artificial/human companionship brings to light.

Lumidoll also has a brothel in Moscow, Russia and has plans to open other brothels across the globe. The firm claims that customers can barely discern between their sex dolls and real women and say that their brothel allows men to fulfill their wildest fantasies without the issues surrounding interaction with humans.

Back in the U.K., the team of researchers also expressed concern over this “no-holds-barred” attitude expressed by sex doll brothel entrepreneurs.

They theorize that these dolls, having an artificially flawless appearance and 100 percent compliance with any sexual fantasy, legal or otherwise, will shift a user’s perception of what “normal” and “attractive” is in a potential human partner. The researchers also worry that the unrestrained behavior conducted with an inanimate doll may spill over into the real world, causing more assaults and violence against women and children.

It is shockingly apparent that the plots of certain classic sci-fi flicks may now be resurfacing as a modern reality. This perception is not surprising, as the debate around other controversial technology such as cloning, has come to the forefront on the dockets of medical and science ethics committees worldwide.

Although sex dolls have always been around, the ethics surrounding these new high-tech versions somewhat parallel cloning. Just because we have the technology to do it (build sex robots) should we? And what implications will this debate have on other iterations of artificial/human companionship, if any? The line between sex dolls and other types of masturbators is not as defined as we may think…

Beautiful Counselling… Couples this is the ticket for connection, love and a little bit of Bullshit!!!!

Now this is definately a new way of Counseling and I must say I like it…

Please watch this video this is definately what I want to do for couples and I believe it can work… work I tell you (ha!)

I mean seriously speaking.. what is it all about really?

I mean couples, dating, those couples that get it….. tell me your thoughts.. how this makes you feel…

So sweet, so connected (NOT) and so, so respectful to each other.. nawwwwwww



Relax and Take in the Fck That honest mediation video I have ever listened too…

Best Mediation Video I have “Ever” watched!!! 


“You’re here now, in this place, with your inner-stillness”.

Those bitches can’t get under your skin.

They can’t even.”

I’ve got to tell you, this guided meditation is hilarious.

On top of that, it can actually calm you down for a few minutes and help you shake off all the negativity you accumulate throughout the day.

We could all use something like that.

The stress of working with a stubborn control freak, the headaches and muscle tension from carrying so much responsibility, the worries about not being able to be the strong one forever- they are things that each and every one of us experiences at some point.

And yes, it is exhausting.

Without a way to relax and let go of those negative influences, we will never truly be in the moment and appreciate what we have around us.

There is more to our lives than the bad. But we could sure use someone or something to help us see that for ourselves now and then.

The video below by Jason Headley is only around three minutes long, which is great for people with short attention-spans, like me. So sit back, close your eyes, and politely tell the world to f*ck off for a few minutes.

Mature, fun, adventure driven Women, Men….

So, do you want to earn good money and have some fun?

You can even block out Countries if you do not want family to see… if you can see yourself doing something risky, with a splash of HOT … then perhaps this is for you?

If so let me know….. I am taking on interested people only….. at this stage to see if the public likes this….

You have to be over the age of 30 and have your shit together, we do not want girls/guys with issues that will mope around wallering in pity… no offense…

Think fun, think naughty, think about re-inventing yourself with a twist of dirty…

Nothing wrong with that don’t ya think?

Search within yourself by how creative you can be….

Are you a Samantha, Miranda, or are you more like Charlote or a Carrie type of chick? Or are you Stiflers mum from American Pie??? 

Or are you like this girl below…….???

Send your answer either below or my email address is


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