Mature, fun, adventure driven Women, Men….

So, do you want to earn good money and have some fun?

You can even block out Countries if you do not want family to see… if you can see yourself doing something risky, with a splash of HOT … then perhaps this is for you?

If so let me know….. I am taking on interested people only….. at this stage to see if the public likes this….

You have to be over the age of 30 and have your shit together, we do not want girls/guys with issues that will mope around wallering in pity… no offense…

Think fun, think naughty, think about re-inventing yourself with a twist of dirty…

Nothing wrong with that don’t ya think?

Search within yourself by how creative you can be….

Are you a Samantha, Miranda, or are you more like Charlote or a Carrie type of chick? Or are you Stiflers mum from American Pie??? 

Or are you like this girl below…….???

Send your answer either below or my email address is


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