Men’s friendships is something us Women should learn…

Let me explain the title and the reasons why…..

Men when they trully bond with one another they have this mateship that is bonded like concrete or until one of them perhaps becomes a serial killer or steals a mates boat.. not wife boat… lol0_IhvGoiPgeMzZL0H2_.jpg

They bond and they keep that pack… however, let me also invest further both have to have a common like, investment, both have gold hidden in the backyard (both have a map on where that is located) or perhaps have this sexual simular normally off the charts because they do adore being competitive with one another… which is healthy apparently.. go figure.. I do adore their choices.. normally off the beaten track but, hey they learn slowly something…. joking…only joking…. .. go figure..

Men frankly are unique, beautiful souls, they hide with good reason what we cannot understand because frankly we are opinionated, warped, horrid women who obviously like to make men feel that they are grateful to have us…..why????? less than what you actually married…..(how sad are we as do that to our men we love)

Now this is NOT all women some learn.. some decide NOT to become their mothers who detest the air their fathers breath.. and they become beautiful souls.. however, we do tend to be very emotionally driven.. which is not what men understand or want too.. really… I get that….

I am not trying to say men are better… I am trying to say be nicer girls to girls…


What I am really saying is they (men seem) to get it.. us ladies really need to be more suportive an we must stop this bullshit that we feel insecure all because that one girl has an eye lash bigger than your own.. I just do not get it.. we tend to sell one another out and our long beautiful lasting friendships go pear shaped all because we didnt do enough work on how to suport one another.

Maybe I am being a little harsh.. but, I have seen so many times in my own friendships that it doesnt take much to get a girl upset all because your skinner, smarter, blonder, have bigger boobs, or younger, older, seriously?  Learn ladies to embrace one another a little more and stop dissing your own kind we are all unique created and we need each other very much just as much as those boys that we adore..

Seriously, some of the above is I grant you horrid humour.. close to a bit of Monty Phython’s black and mercarb humour or in other words only those that have that inner laugh would understand my words above..

Always remember this if someone has to go to such lengths to diss you then that person isnt worth your time, keep it real, be honest, try not to gloss over your boring day, own it say I had a shit day this isnt a competition, another thing this jealousy bullshit us ladies do I dropped this part a very long time ago I think I was 15 it didnt work for me.. hated that feeling.. some chick saying I kissed your boyfriend.. I went wow, really I thought he had taste I guess I was wrong.. joking actually I did say that.. her name was Anna and she grew up to be quite the gold digger.. oh well hehehe   

See I too can be a mole, bitch, stuborn, I have a sick sense of humour In fact if I was honest I would have my own Comedy show cuz I am that funny NOT!… joking…

Now that above last sentence was the truth….. I tell you NO LIE…. ask Katie….lol

Anyway, love your sisters, hug them and learn from those that have that nice nature you never know you might learn something or.. the alternative is to watch your husband and his mates… your choice darling sisters…

images (5)Do you agree about us ladies should support one another more??



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  1. We guys aren’t so good all the time….. ❤

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  2. We do the best in a savage and toxic judgemental and at times those that we care about can deny themselves to show vulnerability… its human and it’s difficult for all…. just take baby steps those that care will always be there x

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