Understanding things from the opposite end… go figure!

I get my problem I TALK WAY TOO MUCH!!!!


I have gone through my past experiences and I get it and I thank those especially my husband on his patients and many beautiful words of love.

Now in saying that I would like to say a Huge Sorry to those that I can and seem to give bit of stick too and I truly hope to learn not to send obscene texts to those that could have received my odd and somewhat crazy lunatic rants.. I meant no harm NOW however, perhaps in my understanding back then it could have meant something… Jesus!!1600982_10152630117489483_3116908260083274521_n (2).jpg

I am and I am working out my intense behaviours some really great parts of my personality can be alluring and very strong willed in nature.. so get this… however, to be honest I find myself a little overbearing and should be taught a harsh lesson of manners… I have a few suggestions how one does this (wink, wink oh forget it I prolly end up talking your head off and again no one gets lucky)

Hmm, I have some thinking to do preferably silently and quietly without any damn noise or less noise in the future….

I am very over myself these days.. it seems I have foot in mouth and not another of other things that I could be doing, other than speaking… perhaps oh never mind…

Always remember your past isn’t your current life so stop bringing up old shit that has no bearing and if you have a kink or two bloody well lick that spoon or two.. you could possibly be addicted to something positive for yourself… for a change..

So Me I am talking to you Franny.. me…. stop the crap and start living your life.. just that way you like it…… challenging, hot, loving, enduring, honestly, happy with lots of laughter and love your partner and his many personality traits that you call each name with a loving enduring manner and listen to his alpha side you know what you want to do… DO IT…

Jesus, how hard is this journey….. for me…. not to mention you kids watching or being part of.. I feel so sorry for you all love, hugs and blessings to my favourites…

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  1. The past is another country. ❤

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