Every emotion you feel .. Embrace it..

Life is a experience or a moment of a possible understanding if you are not fearful or you know your safe then why wouldnt you just allow yourself to step closer …

We go through our life we hit a few bumps along the way.. sometimes and this only depends on you of course.. and your age and of course your level of understanding at that time… but, let’s say your at age that your experiencing a journey of growth… now like I said, growth either can be quick or it can slow you down a little and this is only because of course of what that emotion or journey or trauma or even those negitive woes of guilt.. we tend to drag our feet in self pity or disappointment all because we didnt allow our brave souls to take a little step further.

Now this isnt going to stop you …. right because if anything in life it your experience that made you hesitate wasnt because you feared it.. it was more because your brain went back to that old pattern of thinking or even it said, if I prolonged this in my case talked my head off .. of course later I will bang my head up against a brick wall because I was being a twatt all because I didnt embrace it further…  I hope I am not confusing those who are reading this.. we walk a path in life and at times we either look around and see those beautiful pictures or perhaps if we walked a little slower and embraced that moment then.. we would see a bigger picture of something more than regretfulness of not looking up or taking that extra step or even stopping for a moment lips sealed shut and took in everything that was actually beautiful.38c2f96921c8ec84a9aa3f5d25712926.png

We repeat because we know deep down this experience we are engulfed in is AMAZING, well, for me it is… it’s exciting, it is different, I really understand myself more and guess what… I am still the same but, so much better.. I feel like this kid again skipping with a big grin and I feel safe.. that feeling of safety is like all my Christmases have come at once and nothing in this world has ever made me feel so belated and blessed and in a aweing moment of peace and I would never, ever want those who I am surrounded by ever feel less than what I am feeling because those beautiful souls that I have around me is because they are suppose to be their with me.. that is the blessing for me… and hopefully for those that I trully care about..

You see I never had that moment EVER, I was or felt always alone, I felt always isolated, I felt so empty for so long that I cant ever or I should say I dont want to walk another step with out those souls with me… because they are my family…. that I saw so loudly by the same simular fight that I have fought for so long in my own life…

It’s difficult to explain what I really am saying.. I guess I see peoples struggles, their love for their family, partners, friends, and I see the loneliness on their faces because frankly I felt and experienced that pain myself in my own lifetime..

Amazingly blessed I have a husband that is walking this at times harsh and beautiful path with me.. and I feel the energy around me with the same energy as we have and that to me is all we could ever want.. and I am so grateful that for once in my life I am doing something that I want to do and I am not ALONE…..de914bb4ac51b5d00368f62c0ccb2c19

Thank you, with all of my heart and soul… this is one hell of a journey… and any of you that decides to not walk with me.. I will hunt you down, stalk you and make sure you walk with me… we deserve it….

So, lets get down into the dirt and enjoy our new life walking forward… how excitingly hot oops did I say hot?? I meant our path..lol joking I meant shut up franny.. lol

So, pick up your steps boys.. cuz you both will need it lol …. evil laugh

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  1. Just now I feel very alone, isolated, and empty. I feel as though I am banging my head against your brick wall. And as for Christmases ~ bah humbug!
    Thank you for this post. It reminds me that things are only as bad as I allow them to be. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Awww well, please don’t cuz it sounds like it heart is very kind and open to others …plus my walls need a good paint.. and I am sure your head isn’t that big or strangely long enough to reach this far in Perth.. that was a little joke..

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