A Sexual Revolution of being Free & having a beautiful Wild Spirit…

We forget our beautiful past efforts of our inner spirit… this video will remind you of what we once walked we tend to be too critical of ourselves and tend to think we are perfect.. which we are not.. thank god!!

My posts are here because I am here to remind you of what we should never forget and I want to show society that we are still very prominent in this society now…

Please remember that we are a beautiful society of strange, free-spirited, sexually open and are we are not leaving …

So Open your eyes and stop putting your head in the sand and if we do not open them we will lose what we already know about ourselves…… our pattern of denial is so close to being backward that we will lose what we know…

This video reminds us all of where we all walked… NEVER FORGET your past it is a harsh reminder of those who bled and those who had the guts to stand up and be just that wild open and bloody well FREE…

Many beautiful people blended their hearts and souls so freely and many were held accountable for their open free spirits and many went silent because they felt so hinded by other opinionated stedford bullshit…

We are a Sexually beautiful race and Let me tell you anyone that wants to tell me who I am.. and go fuck themselves… because you are telling someone like me .. then you may as well tell yourself to fuck yourself…

This is a harsh reminder of todays society that is still made up of bigoted fools who have such a closed mind … I am not one of them… I am me.. I am open and no-one will stop me from trying to show others that our past has made us who we are.. and for that I am thankful…

Please watch this video because if you think our past is who we are.. then of course it has.. we are who we are because of our past good, bad and bloody well horrible and that my friends is how we shape our lives…



SAN FRANCISCO — Sister Roma and Carol Queen, among others, share their experiences about San Francisco’s sexual coming of age in a just-debuted documentary called “Bay Area Revelations: Sexual Revolutionaries.”

The hourlong documentary, broadcast this past weekend on NBC Bay Area, takes a look at how courageous individuals of the City by the Bay pushed the boundaries for their rights to express themselves freely and to live their truest lives.

documentarian spoke with artists, activists and business owners, such as Roma, a creative director in the gay porn world and drag queen, along with sexologist Carol Queen, who has represented Good Vibrations for more than three decades, about how the Bay Area became the epicenter of the sexual revolution and gay rights in the later part of the 20th century.

They also spoke with Liberty Mitchell, who shared stories from her childhood, as the daughter of Artie Mitchell of the famous Mitchell Brothers, which operated several erotic venues in San Francisco.

Sister Roma, known as the “Most Photographed Nun in the World,” spoke with documentarian about the beginnings of the HIV crisis in the city and what many learned from the devastating disease.

“I’ve lost so many friends, so many sisters, young people … it has been a harrowing experience,” she said. “But we are rabble rouser, we are game changers. We will not accept something we know is wrong.”

Queen offered up the story about how Good Vibrations founder Joanie Blank started up the female-friendly sex toy and novelty store in San Francisco’s Mission District.

She discussed how Blank wanted only to set up a safe space to sell intimate home gadgets to women. But once HBO’s “Sex and the City” debuted, the taboo of using sex toys diminished and sales flourished.

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