Judgement of Another…

A person’s life is based on their own decision and their own knowledge of what they know …

It is indeed easy to say… Never judge however, we all do this… why?

We base our whole life on what others think, feel, say, and of course if you are a little over sensitive with life or perhaps at times we are more over sensititive with ourselves at times not all of the times at times… we then get a little annoyed at others saying things that are based on annoyance of another.

My past judgements are what I only know… yes some of my decisions that I have made have been not the best however, they are real and they are based on only what I know so I cannot be too hard on myself.

If we get out that whip and slash ourselves over and over by saying… your pattern is this and your thoughts process is wrong.. what are you really saying to someone?

Your saying that your life so far to this day has been blinded by your crash decisions that you made.. that isn’t a nice thing to say to someone who has had or made bad decsions it’s a very fine line your crossing mainly because you have no idea how that person feels..large.png

Be careful with your wording I myself can say things that are very crushing to another but, I wont know this until I tell that other person… hang on.. don’t judge me on my past you have no idea who I am..

Sensitivity is based on a person who has made decisions that have hurt them very much and they are guarded by their own knowledge of understanding … which means they are aware that they are shit at making the wrong decisions… so be careful what you say to someone.. including me I tend to put my foot in my mouth a lot..

I am sorry if I do this… please and always tell me if I have… because like anyone else we all have those moments of being a little too harsh on others… because it is only based on what you know.. not what that other person feels…

Okay 🙂

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