You cannot miss what you never had!

Note this has been re-written with a better future…

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Old saying The — who cried Wolf

This is what the title means…

A shepherd-boy, who watched a flock of sheep near a village, brought out the villagers three or four times by crying out, “Wolf! Wolf!” and when his neighbors came to help him, laughed at them for their pains.

The Wolf, however, did truly come at last.

So, what does this really mean? I dunno, whatever you want it to mean… it wasnt meant for anything really, just something I thought of… and revised again and again..



In this case this nursery rhyme or banter (a person) used to say about me mostly – don’t even go there and ask me why… perception is normally very close to those that seem to preach what they think about yourself….or in her case herself…

In other words this “could have been” reflection of ones self or herself…

I wonder if I told people my whole story how they would portray me… sad, pity, sorrow, or more like this…. she deserved it, she got what was coming to her, a bad seed, the black sheep of the family, your worthless, no-one will love you, you’re not worth the salt in china many more that I wish to forget but, it seems I still have inside my head.. or it rolls so velvety off my tongue..

We girls often think as little girls, being naughty however, this doesnt change when you get older we are still under someone spell or at least that is how we portray ourselves at times.

I hated every moment someone telling me what I can do and what I couldnt do, it made me so angry after I left my 1st marriage, no-one told him what he could do and what he couldnt do…It seems so unfair..maxresdefault (3)

So, let me explain that above paragraph it isnt about the person it is about the confusion of why can’t I say or do or even act, it wasnt that I wanted something that was selfish it was more about just being hurd, it felt like my exisitance had to be controlled by either my parents and then my husband… well the first one…

Even explaining it like that is difficult to explain perhaps it was that I was only 21 and I had only lived at home and maybe it was that I had all these thoughts, feelings, excitement to find out, well, really is this it!


I have to say most of us girls never seem to see what we are really capable of as a single unity it seems so sad when that so called partner you finally meet is suppose to fit a stupid fairy tail that was read to us or at least when Walt Disney would appear on a Sunday night just before bed.

Life was definately not structured with white beautiful horses and men that had teeth sparkling no wrong from their jaws that they showed so well.

I had no idea that “some which in fact in the late part of my marriage that flirting was still apparent while being married”, sounds nieve, well perhaps I thought that I would have someone protect me I don’t really know and really it isnt important this is only a reflection of a thought I had today and I thought I would write about it..


However, I noticed this as time went by and had my first heart aches I did say to myself if this is Love count me out of the competitive of life.. it hurts too much to love… then again it hurt alot more to have someone love everything except a short cheeky happy kid that knew no better…

No pity nor fault is pointed it was what it was a fit that didnt fit and now he is married with two beautiful children and a like-minded wife and I wish them all very well.



I have re-written this because I shouldnt reflect back in the negitive because frankly, it is a part of my passed and life is life.. so we must embrace it as a lesson rather than a lesson that is still bleeding which it is NOT!


If only life gave us all a “Human User Guide”, or a NOT to do or a TOO DO.. who really knows, all I know is I am happy now and my son is living in Melbourne, as a successful Chef and he seems to enjoy his life and so he should..

We can bitch about ourselves over and over or we can deal with it recognise where it went wrong, igknowledge what was and then walk forward to a better place..

You see if I spent my entire life in regret then what did I do for me in my present.. and if I don’t learn from it then what am I going to gain from walking forward..

We must love those that want our love and that is to be present and open your beautiful eyes and if it works then it works if it fails try and see where it did and either give it another go.. because what works you know… and I am for the positive..


Never looked back and definately never had regrets of what was……

Moving forward was the better of the worst…. it seems… but, alas that is only a little of such a short moment….

When you think you know someone… trust me there will always be more if not more layers… I love what I love, however, I need to adore me more… and that is something I struggle with every moment of every day…

This is nothing not even close to how I truly feel deep within me… about many things….Franny x





Remember those moments that blessed you and don’t ever allow it to destroy you…

We do our best and sometimes it can be good and at times not so good.. but, that is just learning and moving forward.. never back…

If I can do this – Know that you can do it… so either take my hand and walk beside me and let’s see where this goes…. without regrets, expections, sadness nor hesitation..

It’s with a smile and excitment and who knows – you might be surprised and with any luck I could be right, shrug at least we all can do it together…

ALl in together this fine weather…………… xxx

Franny (re-written with a better language)


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