Are we “all” Chained to the Rhythm?

Love this Sci-fi Musical video, so true, we seem to walk the path of everyone else or are we?

Should we walk the same pace as everyone else or should we stop and smell those thorns and say… are we chained to the rhythm like everyone or are we uniquely wired as individuals on this Earth?

Well, I would like to think we are “all unique”, that we don’t have to walk the same path as everyone else and I would like to see more people say more positive things about themselves…

We tend get a little lazy I know I do… don’t you?

I would like to see people – say I am different because I do this … or I like to paint sunshines because I do it in mauve, rather than bright yellow, organges, or even dull blues…

I would love to see someone say on blogs.. I love myself because I am unique than anyone else on this planet because I am…….

Wouldnt you prefer to be “broken from your chains”, and paint a world unique?



Guess, what, I am not normal, I am not perfect, nor am I like anyone else, I am crazy, funny, uniquely wired, I have amazing thoughts of fun, zany ideas of love and connection, I enjoy pushing the buttons of the normal and I enjoy it when people are shocked..

Deal withi it lovlies I am different and i AM happy as shit in the mud..

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