“Remember, life happens for us, not to us.”

As you well know I do blog a lot about Sexual Health, Mental Health and at times I fluff up areas with Trivia as we all do from time to time..

However, when it comes to our hearts then anything I do write is pretty well on the mark for me…

  • I do believe in Destiny an Energy that is inbuilt in our bodies and souls, I believe in people who are drawn to you has a reason for them and us.
  • I believe in our own journey’s that take us too our true selves and I believe in our faith in ourselves or even what you believe in to move forward, and that we can be the best we can…
  •  I believe in these positive things is that is all I can believe in now… I can now let go of what was and walk forward with what is going to happen…

And for that I am excited to know what that is.. without all that toxic crap we band-aid ourselves with drugs, alcohol, crap we tell ourselves over and over because that is all we understand and know…364f4257202a9ff417f091ce94c7b85a.jpg

I can let go and now I can see better with each step I walk slowly forward in understanding that the past is where it should stay.. and the future how wonderful that looks from afar…

Life is only for such a short time and we must live it with each day as it was your last day on this earth, this does not mean you have to do anything out of the ordinary, however, even if it is a short blurb on a blog a walk down the street where you live, a stroll down the beach as you walk you can feel the sand in your feet.. anything that gets you to feel better about “yourself”.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, we are only human and try to look at life with a “Big Open Smile” rather, that oh, why did I bother getting up today, saying that changes your frame to think negitve so, turn that frown upside down and Smile with teeth, glowing brightly.

Here is a short video of something I found… it’s actually quite good (the voice is annoying however, have a watch it might help you or some of you)

Turn your frown upside down and SMILE 🙂

How to Move on, Letting it go, it isnt a bad watch at all…… enjoy!



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