Moments with Reflection

My moment was being very present and a little bit angry more at myself.. you are responsible for your own actions and beliefs and of course your own limitations in life.

You hope those that you spend your life with many years of talking, loving, helping each other and at times yes both have been at each other for many reasons however, that is marriage.. lack of understanding and most of all fears and vulnerability we tend to act out loudly because of many reasons.

However, if you map out each others lives what was it that lacked or perhaps stumbled with communication and why didn’t both of us or married couples, stop and perhaps make sure that we where both okay..

Takes a lot of understanding and unfortunately, perhaps that little bit of hesitancy was the killer or the moment that became broken and suddenly, “bang”, all over, red rover..

We are not perfect and perhaps we think or put ourselves at a high level of understanding forgetting to stop and smell that beautiful roses that should have been put in the ground with gratitude and appreciation to each other..

This is just a blurb of emotions, loving memories of moments of love and massive respect that I have and always will… I cannot explain something to you when I don’t understand it completely that is a crack of limitations of trust that both should have stopped a little bit before the massive titanic wave that hits with a savagely that even I wont express on a post..

Be respectful and love each other more and that spark that once put you both together..

I loved my life and will always respect it with love, honesty and most of all my entire heart and soul…

You only know what you only know… be kind, it is the only fair way to living life..


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