I am lost in a pool of Mud…

I really need to do a few things for me now…

I need to get some professional help ….  I am struggling and I feel quite fustrated

Is it Certainty that I require?

How about Expectations… is that what I am requiring?

I need to understand what I am here for?

I thought it was that being a mother was the answer, however, that I failed at!

I thought it was being a wife and again that seems that I fail at?

I thought it was being a friend and again I feel like I fail at?

Most of all I thought being a wife was my brilliant star and again this seems to be “ugly head is peering”, saying your not good enough for this title either>

So, what is it that I can do for myself to help others grow?

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  1. Do what you can to be happy as yourself. You can’t depend on your partner or kids to bring you happiness. Most of the time they will only bring you drama and problems. But they are an investment. Putting in time and effort to get something in return (which is rarely happiness instead it may be love, attention, strength, devotion, etc.). But you can control your own happiness and the. share it with those who deserve it.

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    • My son is a self employed and talented young man, and that is all him.

      He is from what I can see from afar the most talented self assured, self proclaimed, self aware young man and god he did it by himself, for that I am proud of him. And he did it on his own , unfortunately I was not part of his world for 15 years so as he is 26 years old I hope he knows that in himself. The only thing I would say is I wish him love …

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  2. And I have missed him every day, every minute of every moment xxx


  3. You do good things for me. ❤

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