Arguing with your spouse can make you fat

A recent study from Ohio State University shows that men and women who have marital rows, especially in combination with a history of depression, burn fewer calories after a meal than less argumentative couples. The stress alters the way the body processes high-fat foods which increases the risk of obesity.

Men and women who had an argument had:

  • higher levels of insulin, which contributes to the storage of fat, in blood;
  • higher spikes of fat in the blood (triglycerides) after eating a heavy meal.

Lead researcher Jan Kiecold-Glaser said the findings reveal how important it is to treat mental health problems. The recent study backs up a previous research, which found that women, who are stressed, put on weight because their metabolism slows down.

Mind your heart

Another study from the University of Utah shows that arguing with a spouse is not only upsetting but also very bad for the heart. People who feel unsupported are more likely to develop heart disease because of higher levels of artery calcification.

So make love, it’s in more ways good for your health 😉

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