Over whelmed & very humble

Hmm, wow, so many emotions, feelings, thankfulness and wow’s that I cannot even put on a blog, post, bloody post it pad even if my senses are in an amazement with what I have ever been taught in my life I have to say this moment, right now is what life should be.

Let me say it the best way I can… you can suffer from your past or you can find understanding within yourself, find that love that resonates so beautifully, courage, honesty, most your core values that most forget…but, with some people who care enough (thank you) for reminding me of asking me a while ago.. what was mine…

If your life suddenly begins to question you by signalling you areas that seem like difficult, angry, harsh, perhaps you find your lost, sad, suddenly fearful, it is amazing to me that your inner strength is such a powerhouse if you believe it… this isn’t ever taken for granted nor is it ever dismissed but, it does challenge you when you find it hard to justify sadness, trauma, no help apart from what you know this area I am speaking about was finally made to rest…

Then.. fate smiles suddenly, mostly when you don’t or are not ready for it… but, she does smile however, not without, everything you only know… so when for some reason that you start to question things and say to yourself that’s odd why do I feel and suddenly you go wow, that’s a feeling I like and respect and then suddenly you start to open your eyes wider with awe and slowly and mindfully with care you want to say thank you, with much love… that I cannot even explain.

A feeling isn’t something that I was USED TO well at least on a constant and peaceful without someone yelling and screaming at me as I grew up so it took me a little longer to understand a few areas that made me sit up and go with that is so bloody cool

So, this may not make any sense to anyone, but, this is a thank you to two people one that resides with me and that other well, the invisible if it wishes to remain that way but, knows you are very welcome to take a chance and go hiya

To say thank you with my heart, soul and thus far hopefully you will join us and begin a journey that we all deserve… I know I do and I know courts do…. how  about it kiddo??

Categories: Beautiful girl, Owner of The Candii Club

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