3 in the Bed & the little one said!

Researching Couples on Dating sites

I have been reading a lot about our dating sites, what couples do together, why couples seem to be sitting on dating sites which is a very interesting read indeed!

Now, let’s begin with a few areas that I would like to share with you.. Dating sites with Married couples who are looking for that added extra charge in their bedroom, garage, kitchen, lounge room and bathroom windows seem to be the “new thing to do”!

So, what have I been reading… okay, well, listen to this hot spiced and a little bit naughty, however, I will let you tell me after I tell you this little hot bit of sexy hotties…flare-light-water-bubble-droplet

This story is about a married couple, in their late 40’s both rather good-looking, natural beauties, both social, both rather open, the wife well she is very open-minded, say it how it is, open to him exploring his kinks and has a very vivid and curious mind..

He is very charming, tall, socially wicked, has a very broad mind on sex and loves his wives openness and is very keen to understand her curious nature more..

Both have a distinct kink, both are searching for that “special person male”, to share their experiences with, now this sounds too hot, and well thought through, however, let me tell you a little about her naughty husband who seems to have a few extra ideas and likes to tease his wife by playing a little “hide-and-seek”.41647146_10217585336484725_280423873659273216_n.jpg

His kink is he is a Dom and her kink is she is a submissive, who strangely is after a male who both are hoping will be able to “whip both into shape”. Hamm, something a little odd in this window of naughty curious and a little bit slap-happy, to find such a “Unicorn male/alpha or perhaps bisexual or maybe someone who loves to tease, message, spank her ass, and lick her wet dripping clit with this tongue!

I would say that is pretty hot don’t you think?

Here is my short sex story of a couple that I have spoken too… however, the rest is mine so enjoy my erotic 3some story of what is going on in your City…Around the World…


Here is a little bit of a very long and usually difficult past built on trust, love and understanding these 3 are very uniquely wired and you can tell by the body language and many other attributes of why this could work in some peoples lives…

Imagine finding such a masculine hot gritty male, who appears very alpha that plays well with the husband while servicing her aching, trembling body as she aches, with loud intense moans, loudly panting with each breath.


She can feel his heat on her skin and understanding that this isn’t her husband but, someone she has yet to meet or already know, this excites her making her pant heavily, and yearning for both her husbands dirty hot-panted sex talk into her ear, saying you can feel his tongue licking your clit, and he then repeats it with a harsher tone so understands his dirty kinky fuckery his tone makes her pant and hold her breath to listen to the hot, filthy roughness of his dirty fckd mind.

placeholder-titleHis chosen male is exactly his choice as his filthiness is of a like-minded choice this chosen alpha is closed to his identity and prefers to watch rather than his touching fucking, his kink is more of the voyeur and although his devious talented tongue makes the submissive wife pant loudly the ropes and the submissive nature added to this delightful trio of dirty hot Primal men who love fucking wives that are more of the dirty-minded nature to satisfy their primal urges using her body as a submissive slut slave.

This was my interpretation to dating sites on the internet and married couples looking for hot men to add a bit of spice to their dull lives…3B73E66500000578-4042538-Candy_party_The_star_was_a_perfect_storm_of_juxtaposition_as_she-a-96_1481929761074

I think I would not have any problem in saying pick me… and make it exactly those two naughty men husband and the alpha spunk dude that has the same dirty minded kinky fuckery as the couple, what about you???

What do you think? HOT or NOT?

Because if you like this story…. there is more… you will discover an amazing and sensual awakening to an Erotic  experience built on years of understanding and many sides to what can occur with people that understand each other, know exactly what respect is built from, a love of knowing how difficult life can be and many more flavours you will discover a past filled with happy, easy going loving individuals and much more names are hidden and those people are the most loving individuals that I have ever met… so stay tuned to many more beautiful and sexual moments that I will with time tell you how and when … and most of all why…

To be continued…… Rebellious Submissive with many blessings to you all xx

Let me know by commenting if you like this story and why?


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