Give her what she DESIRES…

You know exactly both of you do…She, you, him, them… all wrapped up into a pyramid…of intoxicating desire… Do it you know you want too…img_3703

What we think we can do and what we can do is all the same in my book!

However, to be a submissive whether that is a slut, slave, me being a rebellious one, we are all the same… damaged why?

Because no-one really gave a shit in the first place so we looked after ourselves when no-one was around to help uspity isn’t what we desire we desire the harsh slap on our ass with a dominants hand, we want you to feel the sting as you do it, harder, louder, harsher with each welting moment…

Firstly, we thirst for this through putting ourselves in harms way, testing our own beliefs and seeing if we are collateral damage, then we know exactly why we do it, when we do it and how we do it… this may sound stupid, foolish, dangerous to some, but, to us it is what makes us wet soaking in our own stench and knowing exactly what we draw to ourselves by being obedient to those that deserve our love.

With no pain their is no gain to us that is how we created ourselved and we do enjoy it don’t you ever think we don’t – like I said, it isnt for the faint hearted nor is it for those who do not understand what this lifestyle really is all about.

We do this because we want you also to feel what we feel harder the better, we want our minds at that moment not to be owned by us for a damn change we want you to take us in your harsh hands and make us devoured by the dominant with his love, with his demanding harsh command and with his grace we call him our Master or perhaps Dom.

I like to say YES instead of NO…

No, will only infuriate me wanting him more and more…. if you think that my devotion is something that I am not aware of …………think again… I am not a stupid woman I am very open, honest and I see more, feel more and know exactly what you’re doing before you even do it..

Beautiful Music for the SOUL

I believe in beautiful souls that like, do, react, talk, love, have that part of them that likes what they do without question, those of us who do it and say it is the best feeling and energy that one can ever expect within ourselves firstly.


We are only human and with that we make errors, we love like no tomorrow and those that have the courage to act on what they love and leave expectations at the door to me are brave souls.

I am a woman who has many flavours and I love that about me..

I will do what I want to do because it makes me who I am..

I never expect more from someone unless I know they have what it takes to be a better person

Never allow another to make you do something you don’t want too do…

Always respect yourself it is not your business what others think you are..

I am crazy, funny, beautiful within my own self and I want you to see your image the way I see you from my eyes..3-dirty-sex-quotes-for-him

Never, ever think you fail you learn by your mistakes and they never ever mistake they are learnings..

Remember to SMILE, Laugh and even Cry they are all your emotions and you own them

ALways understand that life is about learning being better at what you believe in and always leave your EGO at the door.

I always believe in your own power that is within your own body allow it to explode, pick those that you know that understand or at least are willing to see life with a better understanding..

And most of all… Live, Laugh and never allow another to take what is precious about you.. because you are worth it…AGWDM-managing-your-expectations-in-a-casual-relationship-e1443148339671-1

The Rebellious Submissive… xxx

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