“Twatts Up People”

Can Pineapple Really Change the Way Your Vagina Tastes?

Now before I start this I have just got to realise that some people need a right slap on the back of the head kind of slapping…Image result for pineapples

I mean to say that it seems okay for those that come creeping into a house to get some thinking that they are not seen (yeah, right!)

Then on top of that “Pineapple” is the cure for some Vagina tastes that are off… then for some reason a barmaid says would you like a pineapple dacarri like it came out of no-where anyway…It really doesn’t fall far from the tree… now does it…

Today I may as well, never mind removed what I would normally say to them both….

I hate myself sometimes…… anyhoo, here it is ladies… best to go to the Doctor… check it out …

Mine is normal however, it seems that Pineapple and Fruit is something I require myself from time to time…

I do love Xenical from time to time at the moment I am not on this wonder drug so proceed if your willing lol funny as hell……

oh, dear me..

Twatts up, ladies”

Keep your Stink out of your Pink…


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