When you find out your Unique Qualities are just not that Unique…

Your stress will go away when you stop resisting the problem – hmm, what if they don’t? What if they go…. after when all is done?

We as married couples or I should say myself often think ideas, unique clique’s end up everyone doing it before you are doing it!

God that shitted me … I am thinking gosh, how awesome having a unique “trio thought” and finding out that dating sites are all doing what I thought was unique and private.. and still haven’t seen it or at least experienced it …. at least the thought was horny and hot… and it still is.. yet… to see it visually if we where to do it ever… 

I like the idea… of the thought .. and I like the idea of wanting to experience it.. so with a great outcome… no reactions of negitive only positively devine….. I wonder if that is possible?

You’re probably wondering what on Earth is she talking about, I am talking about having sexual ideas, feelings, earth gravitating moments, the earth thunders under you and “bang”, you find out other’s are street’s ahead of you and you begin to think now what!!

I wonder, if I just never went on these sites what then… perhaps all my talks and wondering, earth-shattering moments didn’t have to have talks.. however, this isn’t true we all must talk if we didn’t we would find out that those that we love and care about would end up being just a statistic.. or perhaps the talks found out more about me that I really knew or I had forgotten..cropped-download-11.jpg

I believe in many beautiful, flavoursome things most of all I believe in Romantic moments and Earth Shattering sexual intense connections that even to this day I am in awe… so thank you mother earth for making me who I am…

I may be quirky, silly, crazy, mad, insane, intense, humorous, but, what I really am is I do care about those that I adore… know that you’re important to me those that I love…

Most would never go that far with anyone…. and for that, I thank you.. xxx

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  1. I like that you’re funny, quirky, silly, mad, crazy, insane, intense, humorous, and sexually romantic.
    Why would I want to get to know a woman that isn’t just a little bit weird? ❤💙💚💛💜

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  2. Jack, you’re a sweet roaming man that travels with a teddy bear which is cute and sweet lol funny as so thank you indeed thank you for your comment it was lovely – trust me I am actually quite odd, however, I do like me… and those who like me too.. if that makes sense xxx

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