Why having a platonic friendship is awesome when you’re in a relationship

I once had a boyfriend who told me that he ditched all his female friends when we became official because it was ‘the right thing to do’. I didn’t prompt him to do it, and then he expected me to do the same. Which I thought was odd, because as a girl, it feels normal and natural to have friends of the opposite sex without ever having the urge to sleep with them.

Platonic friendships are healthy for relationships. It’s weird for girls to only have girlfriends and guys to only have guy friends! Here’s why having friends of the opposite sex is awesome when you’re in a relationship.

You know he will never make a move on you. It’s nice when a guy doesn’t look at you as a potential date/piece of meat. Your mate isn’t perving at your ass or trying one-liners on you; he treats you like one of the boys or his little sister. Perfect!

He can help decode your man. Us girls don’t always read our men right. Enter the male friend! We can take our texts and situations to him and get a straight answer instead of overthinking what our partner said during a lovers quarrel.

There’s never any drama. Guys steer clear of drama like the plague. They have no interest in getting involved in other people’s business, so when you hang out, it’s all about lighthearted fun.

They don’t hold grudges. When girls fight with girls, grudges can sometimes be taken all the way to the grave. But guys are much simpler; they’re annoyed for a while and then they get over it. It’s like fighting with your brother – screaming and yelling for 10 minutes, then you’re pals again.

Boys are funny. They’re crass, rude, and stupid. Don’t get me wrong, wine time with the girls is super fun, but guys are just laugh-out-loud, roll-around-in-stitches funny.

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  1. Yet all men, even mates, will look at you and appreciate your sexuality. 😎

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