Here is a suttle reminder to my fellow sisters out there…. let me know if you agree?

Endless, love, appreciation, devotion, honoured, Blessed and many other flavours that I would spend my entire life saying, until well, until a bit of rat bag behavior came pouring back into a mans viens like water out of a hose..:)


If I could put the above title or jibber-jabber into a longer word and as you can see I did try my best and guess what?

I guess it would be simply a thank you, for many things mostly something I had never seen .. isn’t it funny or strange and a little sad, really, when you never see something or have felt something you take longer to understand it???

Us ladies, we are so lucky at times, we can winge, moan, carry on like a pork chop, cry, and sob our eyes out with emotion and our sadness is heard 3 blocks away.. (lol)

Now men, well, they rarely cry, if ever, show any type of human emotion, when someone dies they hold it together, they work such long hours, their bodies are black and blue, and the result of many men who work they do end up with many injuries and they still stay silent..go figure..

Us women, we whine about why they don’t show emotion, we yell at them for not listening when those clever males have an inbuilt and so they should, the mechanism to shut that door of anything other than, a grunt of acknowledgement.  And then us women because we are the most annoying, pestering termites of no appreciation we ask them the stupidest question…

Did you even hear me?

If you did hear me then what did I say?

Now we know that question above is condescending, very mother-like behaviour, and we do know he will snap off our heads like we are Twiggs, but, we have to go there don’t we?


I believe we end up being thrown into a child tunnel vision mode and by the time you even have any energy left after the 6 kids, of course, all born 10 minutes apart are fed, bathed, clothed and rocked to sleep then we have a little opening to breath, shit and fart out our little we have left to spend with our hard-working bridge (4)

that was a

However, both can and will test us it is human nature…to a point. I have do have this thought behind my thoughts.. my husband’s nature is a real smart assed and very beautiful when he is in the mood, however, he does seem to press those bloody buttons of I will kill you while you sleep lol

I love him so….. more than he knows…. which I do believe he does…..

I will say I have never wanted to change him .. can’t say he didn’t want me out of the picture from time to time… but, that is another story…

I am sure at times that grave was shovelled to a fine art and I am certainly sure he has even grafted it with retainers and cement on the sides so I am surely going to be laid to rest and never be risen by walking soulless zombies…. another terrible joke..

More another day….. it is about time……… healed and it doesn’t hurt… go figure…

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You will know when it doesn’t hurt


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