The Ultimate submission is to be you…

According to me…


Husband, Dom, Friend, Master, Submissive me…

So, this is my take on what I believe would be the Ulitmate of Submission and Dominance, is having a Master and a Dom very different very hot and very much the taboo of all BDSM lifestyle living.

It is very strange to come to that conclusion or even put that in words to even think that could be even possible.. which I know in most cases in this lifestyle anything is possible.

However, for me, that seems so far-fetched and even too hot for even me to think that is something that I could consider..   However if you met me even the devil himself would have problems fitting me into satan’s den… however, that may be a little extreme for me even to say..

I am starting to remember who I was a long time ago back when things seemed simpler however, these days are more intense to say the least the feeling, meaning, and everything else that seems to be thrown into a box of tricks and very clear to me what this is all about…

Time wake up and be the person that I am destined to be…. if not them then that would be a shame… however, I have no doubt that I am what I am… and I adore everything about it and of course those that are around me as well..

No doubt… at all…

For the future of what will be… let it be what it will be…

The Rebellious Submissive..



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