Wife Swap – First time for both have a listen to this couple from The Curious Couple podcast


Podcast above – if you wish to listen to this married couple who had their first wife swap..

My take on what the couple discussed on the podcast

This couple discusses a Swingers Club, which is called Collette, in Dallas, they talk about their FIRST FULL SWAP, at this club, I will put pictures and what this club is about on this post for you to view.

They describe together the club that has porn room, strippers pole, looks like a dance club, so the feel of the place seems very into each other which is obvious as it is a swingers club.

They continue to discuss that each time they go the crowd is a little different each time which would be about right really, the wife was pretty excited to meet like-minded people that can have the same discussion with like-minded others.

This would be very interesting as she describes in details about a couple they met had been living and loving this lifestyle for over 7 years which interested both of them and being able to talk to others about sex, this lifestyle and having a similar if not the same like with those that live in this lifestyle so as you would image the curious couple where very opened eyed in a club that was opening ideas and obviously wide-eyed to the openness of couples being so open and friendly.

It is very interesting as the husband talks about as he enters the club with his wife it was like walking with the cute girl on his arm he had noticed that all eyes were on them both and he says with a chuffed laugh, saying it was pretty cool walking in knowing my wife has so many couples checking her out… very interesting listen as he states how proud of himself and his surprise of his wife being this door prise.Semi-Private Play Rooms

He continues to talk about being with this couple on the couch and states about the wife of the other couple is beautiful and blonde and how she goes down on him and then notices the husband going down on her and frankly this is a straight swapping moment of being separated even though they where with each other both really not.. He states his hesitance or more strange feeling of wanting to make sure his wife was okay and the emotion was separate but together they both describe the experience by saying it was scary, excited, nervous and intense.. moment of an unusual experience of being together and intensely getting turned on because it was totally separate apart from each other.2nd Floor Dance Area

The wife states that it was an odd experience but, they seem to be okay with both intensely about to have sex separately, however, together on the couch together.. so they ask each other if it was okay to have sex with this couple separately with husband and wife…

So in the meantime, before they both really could take at the moment they had noticed that they had other couples peering over them watching this couple about to have sex with this hot couple…Main Floor

My thoughts of the experience

ALrightie, let’s just recap on this experience that this couple talks about this experience.. sigh, hmm, my god, hmm, to me I am unsure on what this really looks like or perhaps would actually think I would do such a thing in fact I know I couldnt do this…. I would loose it…

Personally, I doubt very much my marriage would survive such an event without us having a huge argument later and I also do believe that we wouldn’t last very long in our marriage to survive it..

To me even though that was with each other .. they really were not with each other…so really in my thoughts it was cheating….  perhaps I am being a little intense but, I am thinking if my husband was with another and I was with another male without him being with me or visa versa… I would not feel comfortable and I may as well be single..

I love exploring sexual understanding with my husband and if I did do anything it would only be with him as a married couple understanding ourselves and whoever if we did bring someone into our life… it would be private… not for social network bullshit….

My life is simple…. and it is private and no ones business…. that above isnt my life nor I believe would be ever on my pages…. or in the horizon of  supreme experiences ever……

No offense… I just love my marriage more.. than 2 degrees of separation for some quick whoopie over couples being bored…

I have more respect for my husband and my marriage..

Candii xx


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