Happy Partners… What are my tips…

Here are some tips from me Candii,

How to have a happy husband, ladies you may not like what I am about to say but, this is clear as crystal for you all.

If your husband isn’t happy you must think about why?

Think back to when you both first met each other, what was it that you liked about him, was it his strength, handsome looks, personality, was it his beautiful manner, was he a great listener, was he a good boy, bad boy, what did you love about your man…

Now, think about you in 2 years time is he still happy, are you both giving towards each other?

If in 2 years time your both arguing, or perhaps a few areas a lagging behind what is it that has changed?

Now apart from agressive behaviour, abusive manner, bad behaviour isn’t and will never change because that isnt an area within a 2 year time frame this kind of behaviour should be tolerated by either parties male or female, now that is out of the way… lets get back to what I am trying to say…

So, when we meet our potential partners we have to remember what makes us as partners women amazing..  now, this is the part I really cannot tell you how important this area is… our men our gorgeous hard working, beautiful men are your compliment to a successful partnership.. we as women should “NEVER”, EVER”, make our partners less than what you first saw in each other…

Which means.. we do not degrade our partners, make them feel less worthy than ourselves, WE ALWAYS respect, love, care, nurture, support and communicate with our best intentions.  why?

Because this is exactly what we would want them to do with us?, Right?

We do not detach and remove our partner’s balls… it’s their balls…  It is a man’s birthright to have them NOT Ours…

So, ladies, this is your first mistake if you are dominating towards your partner, If he isn’t helping you discuss it with him, communicate with him but, never demand from someone that you would not want from yourself.

Men’s Health – Reminder

Our men are silent suffers they seldom cry, they never show too much emotion, they keep most of their business to themselves.. they work every day if at home, work, around the house they normally are pretty business dudes..

The emotions these men have are mostly deep inside themselves because that is what they have been brought up to be MEN, so be mindful, of them and be kinder to them we wouldn’t have our children if it wasn’t for these men and if you love, care and respect them they will treat you the same and always keep open that communication with him.

Being mindful is the least of what us as females should do.. we are not princesses, queens, nor are we the bitch in the block with his cock!

If you wish to be this person then expect an angry lifestyle and a dissatisfied life, be openly honest, and loving, always vocalise how you feel to him because our feelings are valid, required, needed, not doubting that.. this, however, is about men…

Many men suffer and many men hurt themselves by drinking, cheating, hurting, yelling, this is because either they cannot realise their inner feelings because we have not allowed them to use their voice in such a manner..

I feel we discount them and should actually embrace them more because they are pretty special dudes and to have them means your a pretty special chick to have them… open up, nurture your needs be mindful it is a two-way street…

he is not your daddy unless that is a sexual roleplay 🙂


There are many levels of the above title and let me give you ladies the hot tip – old saying if you cannot hold your own self in a sand pit get the fuck out..  You have no business in the sand pit if you are going to change him, own his balls, demand or even dictate.

They will bolix you and you better understand if you cannot take it don’t give it..

Personally, I do enjoy a bit of a badly behaved boy because they are playful, naughty, push my buttons and I do enjoy it.. However, I can take it on many levels…

I am a rebellious woman with a soft, medium, loud, naughty, stubborn, and many other levels, however, I too can be annoying, a pest, brat, and sometimes selfish, which isn’t great but, it is me.. so those boys who like me will tolerate it and probably tell me to shut the hell up, which would be correct most of the time..

However, I would never, ever want to change my partner for the world.. more than I want to see him happy, achieve many things in this life, have great mates, and grow with him on a respectful, playful and fulfilling level going forward.. that is the key you know having an amazing life together and enjoying it with him.. or her…

Sexual fulfilment, happy children, empowered teenagers, always remember it is a two way street with each other… open up your mouth, and communicate, remove and work on your insecurities if you have them, communicate how you both feel and always, always be open to listening your might surprise yourself.

Try to not say NO….. and ask more what each other wants out of this limited short life… both of you can have the most amazing journey going forward by just being able to do the above… 05371ac0c9859eabefaef5f333707213

Be kinder, be open, be mindful, be respectful, be loving, be adventurous, be sexual, be the best you both can be and give each other a break from time to time..

Our minds are hard-wired in an old belief…. which in most cases isn’t working for most marriages… and in most cases it is…

Would you both prefer holding yourself up…. or is it your job to hold everything up?

Think about that before you whine about one another…

What do you do with your partner that isn’t about you?

And how many times do you say no to each other?





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  1. ♥️ this post! It’s so on point. We practice daily appreciation. xx

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  2. In all, they are not too bad… plus they have us as partners that is going to test the earth they walk on.. let me give you the hot tip 🙂


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