What are the top 3 items on your Sex-Bucket-List?


Bucket lists are the in-thing these days as people try to make the best of their lives before they die.

For many people, the childhood dreams which growing up has shelved are the most important items on their bucket list.

Many go for adventures, do daring things, travel, misbehave and a whole of other things – including sex.

Now, talking of sex, what would a typical SEX bucket list look like?

If a billionaire were to give you a sheet of paper and a pen and asks you to write the 3 most important sexual experiences you want to have before you die, telling you that you can have them at no cost to you, what would those things be?

People who have been prudes will have a long list of mundane things like oral sex, bondage sex or sex at a public space while the ‘bad boys’ and girls’ may go overboard for sex with animals, same-sex sex and extreme bondage sex.


For Wanda, the list is quite a simple affair:

  1. A threesome involving two girls of different races (only one penis needed to captain the ship).

  2. Sex with a total stranger (female!), with both of us blindfolded, never to meet again

  3. Sex with an Arabian diva on one of the Egyptian Pyramids with the sun blazing and tourists passing nearby'Sex-of-Touch'

Now, that would be some awesome list to cross out in a single week – go to Brazil for number one, move to Germany for number two and do number three in Egypt.

So what is your list like?

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  1. A little bit off the mark but, silly and cool yes indeed lol


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