When we go through any Emotional Journey My suggestion is to write it in a Blog, Journal or any source that will help you


Because you are creating a new thought a new way of thinking it is hard to hold onto something that is NEW or something that may not quite make sense…

The best solution for me was to write it down in detail I had butcher paper everywhere just to hold my thought I would have this realisation suddenly but, then forget it and go what?

So, I then decided to either write about it or then put it down… most of the time I was on my own so I had no one to talk to nut it out… writing it down was the only way I could retain my thoughts, feelings, realisations of new memory and it did work…

I had no idea I had to repeat these new thoughts, feelings, ideas of how I saw things and why I saw them.

So my suggestion is to write your thoughts down… it doesn’t matter what you think is silly or not it all will make sense later when you put them together…

Many times I thought how stupid, so I would remove my Blog post because I felt embarrassed, stupid, a bit out there.. then a few weeks would pass and I felt better about my blog and how I felt so I would put it back on my blog and perhaps say something a little more clearer…  So, try doing that.. put it down.. or write it in a journal and then you will understand.. never give up and always try … you will have good days, bad days, shitty days and extremely happy days.. but, keep doing it…

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  1. Sums up everything ive written so far 😅

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  2. I do not argue with a person who has Mr.A (does the A stand for Animal?) or is it just the beginning of the ABC’s hehehehe


  3. Writing everything down is both cool and helpful. 💕

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