A Good Persuader…

Is a person who persuades another a good person?

Sometimes, we do things because we want to experience moments with good people so how do we know who is good or who is doing it to just get away with their own selfish needs?


You see I am true to myself, I say things because I truly care.. not being something for nothing… I am not a person of cruel intention

I really do not like the two statements I put up there because I am too old and too tired to want bad rubbish around me just because of humour, or of their own dirty deeds to make even on the scales of justice…

I guess I am saying these things mainly because of my company today love her however, it can take a bit of getting used to listening to those that are not as nieve or curious or even a person like me that just wants to enjoy her life simply silently I firmly believe I do try my best to be the best I can be in this crazy stuffed up world of wanting things, having more just because I do.

I really don’t work like that.. I am a women who loves, believes in a person because I do love them and I often wonder if by chance that i AM  in fact a silly women who thinks that rainbows are an illusion of clouds, sunlight and the warmth of this earth that created this screen for us to look up into the sky on a warm day that happens to sprinkle raindrops or tears from heaven.

So what is a person that persuades another for their own personal gain?

Let us look at the essential qualities a good persuader must have.

First, he must learn to balance both sides.

In the middle of a discussion, he should not always place too much emphasis on the advantages he will get from the deal.

He should place equal or more consideration in the benefits that the other party will get. The persuader should try to anticipate the expectations of the persuader.

Thereafter, the persuader’s benefits can be considered.

Secondly, the persuader must have a positive mind. 

He must show enthusiasm not only in words but also in actions. Gestures and facial expressions should be part of the conversation to make the persuadee agree with the persuader. Let’s say you’re the persuader. Should the persuadee ask questions, endeavour to make your answers positive ones (of course, you cannot avoid saying negative ones if those are true).

Thirdly, the persuader should learn to compromise. 

Compromise here relates to a balanced negotiation. This does not mean giving up at all, but some things should be given up to make way for better ones. To do this, learn to balance the situation (first rule). No matter how enthusiastic the persuader is, the persuadee might have his own conditions or decision factors.

These strategies are best applicable to salespersons or marketers who are closing deals with clients.

One more thing not mentioned above but I think is a universal rule that everybody should know, is the notion of being honest. You cannot persuade people if most you are saying are lies. Honesty is still the best policy.

Let us hope that this isn’t another day of opportunity and risk all for the sake of a cheap and unhappy ending because life sucks all because of someones bordom..

I so hope this isnt the case…

People are self-centred. They are initially concerned with their own well-being before others. If you can prove that your proposal will provide more advantageous benefits to them than to your own, then they will probably accept it.

If you could focus more on their interests, desires, needs, and expectations, then you would satisfy their cravings for attention. Moreover, it would show that you really care about them. Mutual trust and respect would be established.

This is the most important thing to remember when persuading anyone.

No matter how close you are to becoming like them or how overwhelming your evidence is, if it does not satisfy the “What’s In It For Me?” test, your persuasion efforts will not produce satisfactory results. Always bear in mind how they will benefit from your actions.

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