Ceara Lynch – Humiliatrix

Hey Candii here,

I selected Ceara, for today’s post because I found character very assertive, she enjoys her role and has a lot of fun.  I remember when I did “Phone Sex Calls”.

I worked for 4 Companies one 3 at home one was for Mistress Brit, all her calls where BDSM, Dominatrix, calls, all mostly men, rarely women.

Their main reason for calling me and of course Ceara Lynch, she too has the same mind-set I had it rolled off my tongue well after a few weeks never fazed me just like her there is a sexual addiction and compelling luring aspect of wanting a strong female humiliating submissive men that got off being abuses.

Who is Ceara Lynch?

When I was 17 years old a random fetishism online offered to buy a 12 oz bottle of my urine and a pair of pantyhose for $250. It immediately occurred to me that there must be more men like him out there. Today I run a lucrative business as a freedom performer and professional humiliatrix;

Links to her website and her Podcast – have a listen 

  1. https://www.cearalynch.com

Ceara Lynch’s podcasts worth a listen see below

  1.  “Thank You, Princess”

The above podcast called “Thank You, Princess”, you can hear her talking and humiliating her male callers.

In other words Dominatrix  her actual role name is called a “Financial Dominatrix” she was drawn to this role because there was a luring obsession to put men down she likes it and makes a lot of money doing it.

She Humiliates her callers puts them down, she ignores them, she threatens to call their wives, steal their money all those kind of nasty things..is what the role expects sorry I should say the caller actually directs the Sex call operator on what his desires, kinks are.. many men like different things..

Interesting listen give yourself a bit of time and have a listen




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