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Pole Dance:

  • A training exercise that breaks taboos, promotes physical activity and very successful increases sensuality and eroticism. It could be a very good technique for seducing your followers on your online time.
  • If I could pole dance I would!!!!

The pole dance began as a “forbidden” dance but today it has become an excellent activity to keep fit.

When listening to the words pole dance, it is common to observe some reactions of shame, offense, and even disrespect.

Many people associate it with night bars, exotic dancers and strippers. But sometimes you have to look “out of the box”, break taboos and discover the great training hidden the vertical pole.

The pole dance or fitness pole is a physical activity that has expanded throughout the world and is now considered as a complete sport, that every day gets more fans.

This sports discipline involves aerobic and anaerobic gymnastics, dance and body expression. It is a sensual, different and fun way to train, it also helps to increase your self-esteem … but how?,

  •  feeling sexy and fit makes any woman happy.

Women who practice pole dancing feel sexier and safer with their body.

Every day there are more schools dedicated to teaching this technique to women of all ages. The ideas that “pole dancing” is just for exotic nightclub dancers are gone.

Contrary to what people usually think, it doesn’t require women to be great athletes or have a specific physical complexion, in fact, in most classes, there are no spectacular bodies.

The practice of the so-called “pole fitness” is a combination of dance, yoga, pilates and stretching movements around a metal pole.

This training is not free of injuries, so it is important to have the professional proper advice, because some exercises may require legs and arms strength suspension and there is a risk for falls.

Generally, beginners will suffer a few blows in the legs and bruises, but as you get stronger and dominate the movements these injuries will be less frequent.

Breaking taboos, playing sports

Currently, pole dance is recognized in several countries as a competitive sport, countries like Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru, have already adopted it as a sports practice and international tournaments are held.

The pole dance began to be seen as a sport in Europe (Amsterdam), where the first World Pole Dance Federation (WPDF) was born in 2003, and since then it has been deployed and growing all over the world as the Official Federation of vertical pole dance.

The WPDF has delegations in many countries and not only organizes the National, European and World championships but also goes beyond promoting the art of vertical pole dancing, consolidating as a practiced and respected sport.

The growth of this practice as a sport has been enormous in recent years, even the International Pole Dance Federation has already managed to be incorporated as an Olympic sport.

In addition to being cataloged in many places as a sport, it has also been considered as a scenic art.

An example of pole dance as art performance can be seen concretely in Cirque du Soleil.

In this circus, acrobats dressed in multi-colored perform this practice that includes movements that involve a lot of strength and skill.

Pole Dance Benefits

The pole dance is a very complete workout, as dancing is sexy, as exercise is great for toning muscles and fitness. “Their benefits are many, but it requires dexterity and physical strength”, said Alejandra Ojeda.

Although when exercises are not simple, you can see progress after each class, even from the first day. So the more time you devote to practice, the bigger the reward will be.

The choreographies are full of fast and agile movements, resulting in molded and stylized legs and arms. It also incorporates gymnastics elements and acrobatics, along with classical ballet delicacy and modern dance movements. They include twists, ascents, slips, static figures, even in an inverted position that give the body greater strength and stamina by stretching glutes, abs, and adductors.

Health Benefits

– It improves your figure in general since it is an exercise that makes body muscles works all together.

– It improves skin health.

– Promotes toxins elimination.

– Increases cardiac, pulmonary and circulation capacity.

– Increases energy.

– Prevent water retention.

– It improves blood circulation, avoiding the varicose and spider veins.

– It helps to lose weight thanks to the stimulation of the metabolism.

– It promotes the necessary oxygen consumption for efficient nutrients assimilation.

– Burns fat.

– Stimulates the production of endorphins, which helps to relieve stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

– Promotes the production of serotonin, a hormone related to relaxation.

– Prevents decalcification thanks to movement using gravity.

Mental Health Benefits

– Improves concentration.

– Increases self-esteem.

– It increases the good spirit.

– Improves sensuality.

– Increases femininity.

– Aids to concentration.

– Improves sleep.

– It increases passion and sexual desire.

– Reduces stress levels.

The pole dance is the perfect combination because as a female sport, it integrates the benefits of feminine sensual dance, fitness and gymnastics sports since the person using its own weight to practice it.

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