Leather and PVC is Sexy & looks HOT!

Wearing leather is one of the oldest textures in the world.

Since first discovered, it has been used to warm the wearer, either for clothing or footwear;

  •  it also became a garment that cannot be missing in anyone’s wardrobe.

Although we do not agree with animal hunting, we can say that there are leather imitations perfectly similar to the original and that you can use as a second option and they won’t look cheap on you.

The above is not leather wear it is a PVC type of material that stretches and breathes, bit like the Noir Handmade type of costume that you can purchase online I will provide the link for you.


In your case,  you have a very wide list of situations where wearing a dress or a leather skirt will make you the sexiest woman. And if you still do not know how to wear it, in this article we will give you several tips.

According to the occasion:

  • In a cocktail: the tubular tight skirts to the waist will mark the wasp waist that you want so much.
  • If it’s at daytime, this skirt can be combined with a simple blouse inside and high sandals or high needle-heels and neutral lipstick color;
  • but if it is at night, a black tulle blouse plus red or burgundy lipstick with very high heels will make you stand out.

  •  being a woman requires you to be edgy and impeccable in every detail and because in this career your image is everything, leather pants would come to you in luxury.


  • With this option, you are molding your figure completely and you can use them with different textures, from linen, silk, cotton to tulle shirts. And because you’re covering your legs you must show a very sensual and elegance cleavage.

I personally like the below style as it never dates and looks hot as hell!!!

  • For a party: at this time the dress will guarantee that you will be the all photos main character. Although it is a “double-edged sword”, you must know the exact model to fit your body, try a couple and choose the one that best suits you.

The leather in large pieces saturates your image and you may look cheap, but if you choose fine stripes you will get a more stylized silhouette.

In this aspect, we emphasize that you consider which model is the right one according to your body type

  • If you are looking for turn-on clothes, a set of leather underwear or a babydoll with transparencies and leather stripes in is the most in and sensual you can offer your followers.

Knowing these tips are ready to enclose you with sensuality and elegance. 

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