If we only where more open to things… And wasn’t so scared in allowing ourselves to be…

What, Why, When, How, Who….. and then there is this… What if, Why not, When can we, Who will we hurt, When will it arrive, Why oh Why can’t we, and many more I can tell you!

We then do this I posted this because, I deleted this because, I feel that I am alone because, I wish I could be stronger, healthier, happier, I want you to love me, desire me, fantasize about me, I love you because you don’t love me, I want you because you will never want me… and the motions of life goes on and on and on all because we didn’t allow ourselves to be honest, open to change, willing for anything…

And sometimes we give too much and then we expect it back?? 

What is wrong with the above sentence?

images (6)

We expect too much and Give too much and Love too much but, at the end of the day we do want to be accepted and part of something in life right?

So, what do we do…?

So, how do we live a life without doing all of the above and without feeling that we haven’t done enough, loved enough, wanted enough, expected enough, even helped enough….so how do we live an authentic life……??????

This is what I think…….I think you all need to think of at least 1 idea (remembering no-one is wrong) so, shoot, add to comments on how do we live an Authentic life without the above noise?


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  1. Nice hey, true hey, ridiculous, No, however truth be told


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