CANDII, Sexy Moosic…Friday some with captions… have a read..

Women do it very well, Just saying…….. I will be adding to this as I like the music.. each week I will put a set on but, always keep checking back as I will add a few.. as the afternoon, the evening goes….. ENJOY X

Witches choreography – Ciara – Paint it black 



Lana Del Rey, one of the best women artists shes just sexy with her music love her..


This one is a bit on the RISKY SIDE of life but, quite erotically different!!!! A girl entering womanhood is the most intoxicating time..why?

Because I remember me… naughty girl Mumma Mia….. the Memories of life go figure! He is a little old for this part but, as I have not seen it entirely I will let you know if I approve…



Hot sex with this beauty


You leaped from crumbling bridges watching cityscapes turn to dust
Filming helicopters crashing in the ocean from way above
Got the music in your baby, tell me why
Got the music in your baby, tell me why
You’ve been locked in here forever and you just can’t say goodbye
Kisses on the foreheads of the lovers wrapped in your arms
You’ve been hiding them in hollowed out pianos left in the dark
Got the music in your baby, tell me why
Got the music in your baby, tell me why
You’ve been locked in here forever and you just can’t say goodbye
Your lips, my lips, apocalypse
Your lips, my lips, apocalypse
Go and sneak us through the rivers flood is rising up on your knees, oh please
Come out and haunt me, I know you want me
Come out and haunt me
Sharing all… Sharing is Caring they say….. go figure!!


BLOW – Fall In Deep (Official Music Video)


Kygo – This Town ft. Sasha Sloan – (Music Video) – Lyrics


Coldplay – Ink (Tradução) ♫

I miss utes the best cars in those days I loved them sitting in the back with my friends mostly boys…. laughing, poking, joking, laughing, standing up and being an absolute dude… Dad in the front seat smoking a cigarette laughing at us…

Hay stacked high… loved it..


My god, how hot is this music.. great to fuck too… sorry it just is…. it got that lusty, gratey slow fucking beautiful music… enjoy!!!

Cigarettes After Sex – K [Lyrics]


Alan Walker – Spectre (Unofficial Videos)

Interestingly familiar… we all had that boy that was a little too tough to admit he liked you or perhaps a little too proud, however, he always seemed to end up telling us, girls… just how he felt… melts your heart because you end up falling for that kind of guy that you secretly adore because there is always so many levels… such a sucker for that bit…

oh well, enjoy!!!

Watch the end very cute…indeed it is..awwww


Very odd…. amusing … not sure if I want to watch this again however adding….



Reminds me of the 80’s something I would have done in those days easily even wearing short shorts but, yup definitely a winner… LARA, where are you when I need to go back in time……..???

Oh, well, enjoy!!!

Chet Faker – Gold (Official Music Video)

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