Female Fantasy versus Male Fantasy

Looking up at the title of this post…

Do you think we both as male and female have the same ideas, as our better halves?

I believe both sexes can have the same fantasy, however, both would see the same fantasy in a different light so to speak!


For example:

We have many different types of females and they all have different likes, so of course, it would vary to what each woman likes and doesn’t like.

A male is able to pretty much take it as it comes kinda thought they have the ability to exercise their born identity by having many women or men whatever floats their boat they can say a story quite direct because they are men…

Men do not have to decorate a story in regards to painting a porno of their thoughts of what a sex act would look like.. why do you think that is?

Because basically, they are men, there is no judgement so they can have sex with many which a preferred concept with other men (high 5’s and good on ya mate kind of attitude)

Funny enough the dirtier the more merit… and God bless them for it…



Females, on the other hand, can’t paint a vivid picture well they can and some do but, at the end of the day, unfortunately, we are all painted in shades of shit if we do.

So, in other words, we have to delicately say in a stupid little girls voice, oh darling I love you before we even tell our story…. which is so true!images (11)

For example:

Is it wise to tell your partner how many men you have slept with?

Is it true to tell your partner if you had a sexual fantasy who would you pick?  And, what would the fantasy be?

Now, the problem with the above picture is we are doomed if we do say it and we are doomed if we don’t say it…

You see most men like to think that the person they are dating, married too is saintly, however, the idea of their partner being a tramp is eyebrow-raising but, be forewarned if you say it.. he will use it!!

I know for a fact that if I painted pictures, told my husband how many men I slept with and went vividly into the hows the whens and the internals of each encounter I will have to admit his face would look like someone just hit him with a speeding car…

So, ladies and men is it wise to paint a vivid picture of what you have done and who you pick and ect….

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject 🙂

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