My Vision as a Counselor and Couples Therapist …for the next 3 years…

We are a Sexual Empowerment Website that discusses Sexual Content for Empowering Females and Males to embrace their hidden needs with better language and Self Expression of themselves.Embrace-Change-Quotes-for-Friends71.jpg

My vision is for Couples to Embrace themselves to learn about loving, honouring, empowering, re-wiring their thoughts, feelings and sexual understanding about one another and about how both can do this together.

I truly love the idea of seeing people happier, without trauma, with knowing that there could be another way of thinking and learning how to let go of negative thoughts that seem to drag us down like a huge boulder.

With the help and a more caring understanding, I have longed for a group of like-minded beautiful souls have the same passions, have the same patience and love and have the same vision of how we can sit down together and help those individuals, couples, everyone to live a better life.

We tend to treat each other much better and stay together longer when we communicate clearly and lovingly without hiding our true selves I believe in a life full of loving one’s self and with self-expression and a more nurturing manner.

With time and a set of great minds, we can make this life better together without the labels, without the judgement without lying to each other because of fear, doubt, hesitancy and all negative emotions that hold us all back.

From what I have experienced if you are not present and more open and honest how can anyone be able to understand what it is that makes either person happier Life is so short please understand that learning to re-wire your thoughts and letting go of what isn’t working will work better and both will stay happier and more loving together.

A sexual mind is an amazing gift that we all have not one of us “Can’t”, with removing negativity and replacing it with openness , curiosity, a wild and adventurous spirit is something that makes me smile, so that is my vision for 2019 – 2020, my studies will continue to make a group of loving educated within the same field to make this happen to help you grow and embrace a better sexual, loving, life going forward.

I do wish you all a Happy Christmas and an Epic New Year… so bring on 2019

Much love Franny ximages (16).jpg

This Websites name will change once completed – if anyone is interested please forward your requests to email:

Thanks again Franny

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