I have a Question for you?

Here is your question if anyone wishes to answer this…(not sure why I am using paintings but anyway)

If you had a beautiful painting that was painted by Rembrandt or Leonardo Davinci or perhaps would you like to paint over a Picasso painting?

I am using Art because people know what it takes for a creative person to create such a beautiful painting, it is a bit like life really I find people tend to state something significant then they move it away from what was obviously important to something that isn’t why is that … that people discount what was… to make it nothing but, a simple act of gluttony?

Is it because they must be right?

Is it too hard to do something that may make you feel something that you want to feel or is it because … people get scared or is it because it could make you feel something good for a change… I dunno, its confusing to say the least but, easy as well..

Change your life for the positive because that shit in the past is where it should stay..

  • Would you paint over this Art piece?

  • Why would you or why wouldn’t you?



Picasso Painting

download (4)

Rembrandt painting


Leonardo Davinci Painting of the last supper


Looking up at those beautiful pieces of art … as you are aware they are old they are a moment in time that has a story behind them and they are made by creative people that where passionate and creative…

So, If I gave you a tin of flat white paint and going back to my questions above would you paint over them?

If you do paint over them why then?

And, if you don’t why didn’t you paint over that art?




Never ever would I cut up a picture of something that was once taken nor would I discount experiences just to be righteous, I am not significant about me being right, I am very significant about being honest about my feelings and how I learn by my past to understand and give myself a bit of praise for being open enough to try and allow myself to dive into the deep knowing I am in good company.

I am not wired to use and take from people I am not a horrible cruel person nor do I want to be I love people I love the idea of thinking perhaps why not.. or at least I try and give something ago… and I try and understand how or what I am here for..

It kills me to think my life is made up of people who just find it funny to take and never allow themselves to open up and be real… I am not a person that will allow another to use me again I am a person that tries to understand and says things not because she is being a bitch because she is trying to understand what you require as well.

This isn’t about going back and being a stupid young fool all because I think I am right about that person… I am hoping that I am surrounded by really mature and emotionally capable to take what is coming… and another thing.. if your not then I cant go any further it isn’t about numbers, experiences of stupid idiot people who want a cheap thrill.

I want to understand peoples emotions so I can grow and like and love who I am and so many levels of positive it makes my eyes water…

If you want your backend wet.. do it without me.. I’d rather go for a swim in a beautiful ocean or walk down a beach with great minded people or perhaps I would love to sit for hours with people that I don’t have to try so hard for them to like me.

I am over this bullshit hard work if this is what you want… then go and do it on your own!!!

I am not that significant and I am not that selfish about me… it’s about us enjoying, growing and understanding that growth is made up of a good mixture of quality ingredients and that makes a great dish don’t you think that would be awesome?

I do.. who wants to join me?

Because at this moment it seems and I hope I am wrong.. that I do have those people and not those that are after what they can get for themselves…….or is it that I have no one to share this significant adoring life that matters to us… and how we can live a better life going forward???

God, If I am to do this again, guess what I would because no matter what we do in life we do it to help one’s self be better and with hope, you take a few good peoples with you that get you, that love you and you love them.


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  1. Great Art is not only beautiful, it’s also worth a fortune ❤❤


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