You can lead a horse to water but, can you make it drink?

You can give someone an advantage or provide them with an opportunity, but you can’t force them to do something if they don’t want to.

  • A: “I just don’t understand. We’ve given him the very best education and introduced him to the right people, but he just won’t pursue a meaningful career.” 

  • B: “Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”



So, what does the above mean – it means many different things to many different people and with saying that with a cheeky grin on my face well, come on, if your saying that to someone your friend perhaps (like-minded mate perhaps) about another and your scratching your head thinking, I don’t understand that this person cannot get it to mate!

Oh, come on who are you kidding?

That is simply a stupid thing to say, I don’t understand why that person isn’t getting it?

Hmm, let’s think about this…  here is another old saying, “Practice what you preach”, so what does that saying mean to you?

  • To do the things or behave the way that one advises, dictates, to say this saying you better back it up… for exampleimages (13)

My parents always told us to respect each other and not to bicker, and they really did practice what they preached.

If you say that someone practices what they preach, you mean that they behave in the way that they encourage other people to behave in.
He ought to practice what he preaches.

So, to be ignorant to one’s values of opinion if you say something to someone and you either are saying it because you want to be that way? or Are you just saying it because it sounds good? or option number 3. Remember what you say to another becareful that if you are not trying to practice it yourself then seal those lips…

For me, I use a lot of old fashion values and behavior at times not all the time I will admit that.. but, I do have a very stubborn nature but, that is me and if you don’t like it then bite me!

I think we all gravitate to those that are similar nature or you could say Creatures of the same bad habit!  Or like-minded mates, friends groups of people that get our bad behavior because those that we gravitate to are the same type of character.

Be careful that your good nature isn’t influenced by those that are a little bit spiteful by boredom, we tend to be a little full of ourselves, that ugly feeling that arises of annoyance which passes your lips with a bit of acid tongue!
That regretful feeling of whoops I shouldn’t have said that to another person…. right?
There are some that get their funnies out of saying those things and not regretting but, for some reason they lack that bit where they don’t ever say, whoops!!!
And if pulled up about that type of behavior they justify themselves by the magic tongue of what I call, “Baffle them with Bullshit”.
I will tell you the truth and when you get too close I will baffle you with saying, I never said that, you’re losing your mind, your crazy, lost it, ready for the funny farm!!!
Then what they do they walk away quite happy with themselves with a cheeky grin (notice they walked away and the person didn’t see the humor or grin)
That is called being spiteful, a bit bored with one’s life and also a little bit bratty, picking on a person isn’t always a positive because if they are trying well, you are the one that makes it difficult for them to change..
Remember if you get annoyed at another ask yourself this question, Have you completely been honest in how well you communicate or are you playing with another person’s emotions because your so smart about your own knowledge?
Be careful of the power of knowing a truth!!
Knowledge is and will always give you the better side of being on top… but, if you reversed it and didn’t know the truth do you think that is fair?
I know myself that confusion and frustration will sneak up all because of knowledge, we can say what we think and be true, however, ask yourself this, “Is it that important to you that you “must” make it difficult or is it that important to win something that your both fighting hard to happen?”
If I said, meet me half way?
And you take it as a negative and say back at me, why should I?
And then I try and explain why or perhaps I said it because that is all I understand, and your reply is still negative but, furthermore it is hostile because you have taken it to a higher level of negative!
Is that my fault or yours?
Think about it…. if you’re not explaining your part how the hell is the other one going to understand you?
Paint the picture clearly, if you’re frustrated never blame someone else because your language and behavior is caused by your lack of communication that is not the other person’s fault…
It is your’s… because your frustration is based on your “funny humor”, your way of walking around a topic by being a smart ass then the frustration of it all comes flooding in and what occurs is…
You have just created a stupid tiring conversation based on the boredom of your own bullshit you’re narrating to another person…
Let me give you an example… “I want to live a happier life by being open and honest and letting go of my past and embrace a wonderful life going forward with real people..
I want to be free of myself and allow myself the happiness with people that I trust because my past was hurtful and everything I once believed in hurt my soul so I closed myself off and I only show it once in a while..
But, it makes me sick and tired of being so unhappy and why is it so damn hard when all I want is to be me and have people around me that do not judge me but love me and ect.. ect…
Now that is the end game for some people…. well for me it is and those that understand what the above means..
In understanding what that means above how does one make it happen?
Do you go forward with opening yourself up? Or do you get scared, allow fear to creep in and use old behaviors by confusing those that you care about by making it difficult for yourself?
Then on top of that because your so frustrated and making others go backward how do you alter your mess?
So, you get angry, hostile and frustrated but, because you understand what the end game is your going to blame those that you’re trying to communicate clearly too because you’re to PIG HEADED to take the blame yourself???


Head scratching moment?

I am not pig-headed … you are… I am smart, you are just stuck… !!


Am I?

Be careful of your own fears they will sneak up and you will go back to old habits that do not work but, are effective in a very negative way!!!

If anyone understands the above please comment it would be nice to know that I am not alone on this confusing Earth that wants to be happy but, retracts and blames another?


The reason why I do what I do is that I do, the reason you do what you do is that you do, so think about where we all are… we are aware of each other however, we make it difficult for each other…


So, to stop playing a game is to be true to yourself, it is easy to stand and have the knowledge but, be careful that you do not “Cutting off your nose to spite your face”

What does that expression mean?

“Cutting off the nose to spite the face” is an expression to describea needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem: “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” is a warning against acting out of pique, or against pursuing revenge in a way that would damage oneself more than the object of one’s anger.

Really the answer they describe is a little bit “out there” basically it means, really? is this really how you want your life to keep being?

Knowledge is powerful I agree, however, it isn’t when you use it in an opposite ass end of it now, is it?

My thoughts are this… I am not playing or empowering anyone’s ego, nor am I going to enable your lazy attitude…. I am being honest and standing my ground for me… I am not being hurtful nor am I going to listen to your dribble or rude behavior that is so wrong and so hurtful that I even struggle to see why am I here trying so hard when others really don’t either think about it or are that full of there own self!!

STOP it, or I quit!!

I am 50 now…. I have limited happy times and some okay times and a few awesome times..  I want every moment to be happy times going forward…

At this present moment guess what…. I am solo and lonely and unhappy living a life that is becoming toxic.. all because of ignorant behavior!!!

I will draw my own line for me.. because I am worth it… are you?

Can you say to yourself…. that you have done your best in living your own life and being honest with yourself and those that your both complaining about???

It is easy to lie about oneself it is not easy to continue a lie… it is built on bullshit and nothing…

Perhaps quite the bullshit and use the Goodshit…. or perhaps stop carrying another and be you… and stop blaming the one that trys… hard to be who she is…..





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