“Merry Christmas”

Well, another Christmas sometimes I wonder if we are all on a timer that spins so quick and so damn slow, however, I am not sure how Christmas came so quick this time.

Lessons of this year… many,  many,  many, a few days ago my husband said, this year was a very long year as his head was pointed downward and I must admit this year was exactly that far out!!

I wanted and I guess he did too wish it was a better year outcome for us both, I have no doubt that it was pretty full on and not so full on…

A year full of talk and that is great if you like to chew the fat I guess I don’t really know how to answer that one I am afraid all I can say is what is coming it will or it won’t I guess.

So, this is what I would like to see in a better frame – I would my husband to talk about him more and what he would like for himself, I would like to see him smile and be happy more and know that stress and pressure doesn’t always have an answer that requires him to answer.. (if that makes sense)

I want more from others, not me next year… I would love to move off my troubles and focus on his needs, his issues, his passions his likes, loves, and most of all I would love to see him go through a journey of openness about himself and how he sees his life going forward.

We all get focused on a problem when maybe all the hard work has been done and let it be to see others go through something that can teach us all transform because it is just as important to seal those loose lips and turn on those ears that we all have on the sides of our “big brains”, in other words, heads.

Changing a pattern and making it on another person is a great tool to learn something new about him and of course, he learns a bit about himself and then to watch that face change and say, shit I never saw that coming my way, wow, hmm, that would be amazing.

So, that is my suggestion and I would like to see his reaction on that suggestion as he packs my bags and directs my movement out the front gate… hopefully, that change won’t happen but, I do believe I have tested the foundations of this house to the brim.

So, watch this space it could be a little hazy lol

Enjoy your Christmas, be safe and have a lovely evening and day tomorrow.

Much Love and Merry Kiss my ASS as my husband said, on my very first Christmas card to me those many years ago…

LOVE, Franny xxx



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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too! I agree, 2018 has been a crazy year for many reasons for myself, I think as we get older, unfortunately, news about friends and family gets a little darker (for obvious reasons) ironically, it is friends and family that get us through the tough times! – Here is too 2019 being a great year to you and yours, and me a mine. (at this point I think we say cheers and do a shot!) — Enjoy the New Year!!!

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