So what is a Sexual Kink?

What to discuss with each other before “any” sexual reality…. to “stop” any further issues… in surfacing…. have a read…

What you must discuss before “any” sex romp with your partner…

Before we discuss the in’s and out’s of what the above means let’s firstly understand how important it is to communicate to our partners about what we both want…

I believe within my own self that if you do not explain to one another of what you want then you could possibly hurt each other by not do such a thing.

For example, for some reason, our communication let us down and I said to him, if we were ever to do a Kink that I would need to understand what that is, and if it involved someone .. if it did I would like to know this person before this act!  The reason I would need to meet and see if we got along would be because of my trauma with someone that drugged and raped me those many years ago..  Apart from that part.. at least I get the chance to see if both boys get alone or girl for that matter…

However, if he didnt and decided to do it without my knowledge well, we would definately have a problem and I would probably not be happy because it is important that both of us are on the same playing field so a trigger or a moment with something like that simular instance would not be a very good outcome and let’s face it.. we all love a good outcome don’t we?



There are a lot of different ways to define “kink” that range from extraordinarily broad to super specific.

But put very simply, a kink is anything that falls under non-traditional sexual and intimate desires, practices, or fantasies.

The word non-traditional will mean different things to different people based on cultural backgrounds, but in most contexts, the definition encompasses anything that falls outside or romantic, intercourse-based sex between two people.

This can include things that range from light bondage like handcuffs, ropes, or tape, to practices like public humiliation, foot-worship, Domination/submission, and group sex.

what does kink mean

What’s the difference between having a kink and being kinky? 

Let’s say you like being choked and occasionally have group sex with your partner, but other than that, you mostly subscribe to the standard sexual and romantic practices your parents could barely bring themselves to educate you about.

A few kinks or kinky habits don’t brand you as a kinkster if that’s not how you identify. Conversely, there’s absolutely no rule telling you that you can’t identify as kinky on the basis of one or two kinks.

Identity is largely helpful in finding community and for you to define yourself—you get to make that choice over whether you identify as kinky or not.

what is kink

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